Edinboro VP of Student Affairs resigns after 18 years

Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 1:13 PM
Edinboro VP of Student Affairs resigns after 18 years by Karlee Dies

Edinboro University Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Kahan Sablo is resigning after nearly 18 years at Edinboro.

“I came to the difficult decision that it was time to explore all available options,” Sablo said. “I have always been a fan of the Washington, D.C. area, and I look forward to enjoying the many cultural, educational, and social aspects of the capital region.”

His new job will be at George Mason University in the student affairs division that has nearly 400 employees. He will be responsible for approximately half of the departments within the division, focusing on diversity, residence life, orientation and family programs, technology services, student centers, career development, safety and emergency preparedness, and the supervision of support services at three branch campuses.

Moving forward, Sablo hopes to see “better support for public education from our elected officials” in the future.

“Going through the majority of the fiscal year without a state budget is a national embarrassment. The best way to change the unfavorable circumstances of a people is to provide them with a quality education,” he said.

“Most people aren’t looking for a ‘hand-out.’ Some just need ‘a hand’ in reaching their true potential.”

He said his “solid, genuine relationships” in the Edinboro and Erie area are the most difficult to leave behind.

Looking back, some of Sablo’s fondest memories of his time here at Edinboro include the dances at homecoming in Cole Auditorium.  “‘The Wobble’ and the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ are my favorites,” he said.

“Also, the bagpipes and tams during the homecoming parade still give me chills,” he continued. “It's that one day during the year when a guy who was raised in the Marble Hill projects of the Bronx feels pretty Scottish, in spite of the fact that I don't have kilt-worthy legs.”

Leaving Edinboro and transitioning to the nation’s capital will be a big change for Sablo, and he will miss the students a considerable amount.
“The Edinboro student body will always be near and dear to my heart,” Sablo said.  “Many of our students come from challenging backgrounds, and EU offers them an opportunity for a better future. I will miss being part of the EU student journey, particularly for those students who, like me, came to college with uncertainties about their ability to finish college in response to socioeconomic and other complicated factors.”

He will also leave behind his music ministry at the St. James AME Church and the Edinboro Volunteer Fire Department where he was a paramedic. He also served on the General McLane School Board of Directors.

Sablo is set to leave Edinboro in June and the future of his position is unknown as of now.

When the university does find someone to fill his shoes, Sablo’s advice to the new vice president of student affairs would be that, “this job is like riding a roller coaster. Buckle up, brace yourself, scream if you have to, but keep it moving and enjoy the ride.”

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