Edinboro welcomes Jake Nulph as new head football coach

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Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 at 7:24 PM
Edinboro welcomes Jake Nulph as new head football coach by Paul Petrianni
Photo: Erica Burkholder

“Wins, losses, that stuff will take care of itself,” said Edinboro’s new Head Football Coach Jake Nulph. “I want these young men to graduate. I want them to be involved in the community and to ultimately make their families proud. To me, if we do all of the little things, the big picture stuff will just be a part of our process.”

Nulph was recently selected to be the 16th head coach of Edinboro football.  He began his coaching career in 2005 as a graduate assistant at his alma mater of Robert Morris University. Here, he was in charge of the running backs. Nulph was also the youngest defensive coordinator in the Football Championship Subdivision in 2011 at Saint Francis. 

Over the last three seasons, Nulph has coached three players to All-American honors, doing so at IUP and Westminster.

“Right when I came on campus, I immediately fell in love with Edinboro,” said Nulph. “This place has genuine sincere people that welcomed me with open arms, and they are still continuing to do so.” 

Nulph, a very goal-oriented individual was able to cross off one of his most valued ones when he was hired as head coach. 

“I’ve always had goals in everything that I do; I think it’s important,” he stated. “My main goal was to be a head football coach by the time I was 40 (he’ll be 37 in April).”

Nulph recognizes he has a number of things he will have to change in order to restore the ‘Boro program to some of the heights it reached earlier in the 2000s.  

“The number one thing we need to familiarize ourselves with is discipline; this football team struggled with discipline on the field last season,” he said. “If you have a game where you commit 19 penalties, that shows you’re lacking discipline.”

Discipline is on a long list of intangible values Nulph hopes to improve within the program. 

“Other values that are very important to me are character and integrity,” he said. “I’ve been here for about eight days and we have yet to talk football. We’ve got to build our house from the ground up: the character, integrity, accountability of the program. That stuff is not just important to Edinboro University football, but to these young men’s lives.” 

Nulph continued, “I’m trying to develop and mold them into great men, and I want them to become better people so that one day in the future they will have the opportunity to be great fathers.” 

After a lackluster season in 2019 (3-8 overall), ‘Boro will look to reload with a new recruiting class and more. Nulph has already been hard at work on that influx, believing Edinboro can offer something many programs simply can’t.  

“One thing I’ve mentioned to some of the recruits I have talked to is that they have a great opportunity to be part of a football team that comes into Edinboro and helps turn things around, and that’s special.” 

 Nulph spoke about other aspirations he has for the program. 

“I was taught at a young age that you work hard and you dream big, so we are going to talk about things that may seem unrealistic to talk about,” he said. “Whether it be championships or milestones, we have to put things of that nature into the universe, because if that isn’t our ultimate goal, how are we going to accomplish it?” 

He continued: “I want this program to be tough, physical and hard working. When teams see Edinboro on their schedule, I want them to think, ‘Uh oh, we play Edinboro this week? We better lace it up and get ready because they always bring it.’” 

Nulph concluded with a look into his strategy in the coming months. 

“In the end, I’m really only worried about today. It really doesn’t matter what we are doing March 31 when we kick off spring practice. All we can do is win today.” 

Edinboro’s previous coach, Wayne Bradford, served in an interim role in 2017, and was then given the official head coaching job at the end of that season. Over a three-year span, he accumulated a 16-17 record before he and the school parted ways at the end of the 2019 campaign. 

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