Edinboro wrestling hosts #3 Iowa, winning three matches on the way to a 28-9 loss

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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 at 7:03 PM
Edinboro wrestling hosts #3 Iowa, winning three matches on the way to a 28-9 loss by Michael McLaughlin
Photo: Allison Duda

Edinboro fell to #3 ranked Iowa on Saturday evening, 28- 9, in the NWCA dual series.

“We battled hard, but we just need to get better,” Edinboro head coach Tim Flynn said.

He went on to say his kids have the right attitude for this kind of schedule, though.

Edinboro went up against #1 ranked Oklahoma State two weeks prior to this match, and Flynn felt because of his team’s outlook, there is no better way to prepare for the national meet.

There were several ranked matches and a few close calls for a few unranked Edinboro wrestlers.

At 125 pounds, #9 Sean Russell faced #1 ranked Thomas Gillman. Gillman struck first with a two-point takedown, but Russell responded with an escape. Gillman finished off the period with another takedown, ending the first period with a 4-1 lead.

Gillman opened the second period with a one-point escape. Russell was called for stalling to give Gillman a 6-1 lead. Russell was called for another stalling penalty in the third to make it 7-1 in favor of Gillman.

Gillman got one more takedown to make it 9-1 and with 1:35 in riding time Gillman took the victory by a score of 10-2. The victory gave Iowa a 4-0 lead.

At 133 pounds, #18 Korbin Meyers went up against #4 Cory Clark. Clark got a takedown to open up the scoring. Clark started the second period down and he got an escape and then a takedown to make the score 5-0 in his favor.

With just under a minute remaining in the third period, Clark got another takedown and Meyers responded with an escape. Clark finished off the scoring with another takedown and had the advantage in riding time, so he won with a 10-1 score. This put Iowa up 8-0.

In the 141 pound weight class, Nate Hagan had his hands full with #17 Topher Carson. Carson won by fall over Hagan in the first period to put the Hawkeyes up 14-0.

At 149 pounds, #9 Patricio Lugo upset #3 Brandon Sorenson in the biggest Edinboro victory of the match. Lugo opened the scoring with a two-point takedown, but Sorenson was able to respond with an escape to make it 2-1. Lugo got an additional takedown to go up 4-1 in the first.

“That’s probably my most exciting win in college,” Lugo said. “I was confident throughout the whole match; IknewwhatIhadtodoandI knew what I had to stop him from doing.”

Sorenson ended the first with an escape. Lugo chose to start down in the second period and got the escape to make his lead 5-1. Sorenson started the third period down and quickly got the escape to make the score 5-2.

Sorenson was able to tie it up and force a sudden death overtime. Lugo got the takedown in overtime to upset Sorenso. The win gave Edinboro three points to Iowa’s 14.

At 157 pounds, Chase Delande had a difficult matchup with #2 Michael Kemerer. Kemerer quickly got a takedown in the first, but Delande got an escape to make it 2-1. Later in the period, Kemerer got another takedown to increase his lead to 4-1. Kemerer ended the first up 8-3 after two more takedowns, but Iowa’s head coach Tom Brands was penalized for questioning the officiating, giving Delande two more points.

To start off the second, Kemerer and Delande exchanged a takedown and an escape, respectively. Kemerer took a 13-4 lead into the third.

Kemerer got the win, 16-6, in a major decision to make the score 18-3 in favor of Iowa.

At 165 pounds, #10 Austin Matthews recorded Edinboro’s second win of the match against #16 Joey Gunther.

Matthews got the first points with a takedown with a little less than a minute left in the first period. Gunther responded with an escape. Matthews started down in the second and got an escape to make it 3-1.

Gunther would start the final period down, but was not able to escape and with 2:12 of riding time Matthews defeated Gunther 4-1. With the victory Edinboro reduced the margin to 12.

“Every once in a while it’s good to just have a solid win,” Flynn said of Matthews’ match.

“You can’t get two better teams,” Matthews said of the Iowa and Oklahoma State duals. “It’s awesome to get this atmosphere.”

At 174 pounds, Ty Schoffstall had another exciting match against a top-ranked wrestler in #8 Alex Meyer.

Schoffstall began the scoring with a takedown, but Meyer responded with an escape to make it 2-1. Schoffstall would get another takedown to extend his lead and Meyer would get another escape. They would exchange takedown and escape for the third time in the first period.

Meyer then got a takedown of his own to make it 6-5, Schoffstall. Meyer chose down to start the second and tied it up at six with an escape.

After a challenge by Flynn, it was confirmed Schoffstall did not get a takedown, but Meyer did, which made it 8-6 in favor of Meyer. Schoffstall responded with an escape to bring himself within one. Meyer ended the second with a two-point takedown to make it 10-7.

Schoffstall started the third period down, but was unable to escape and with 2:41 in riding time, Meyer would win 11-7 and increase the Hawkeyes’ lead to 21-6.

At 184 pounds, #16 Dakota Geer, a true freshman, faced senior #3 Sammy Brooks.

Brooks started the scoring with a takedown. Geer responded with an escape to make it 2-1. Brooks would end the period with a takedown, followed by a four-point near fall to make his lead 8-1.

Brooks chose down to start the second and he was able to get a reversal, which Geer followed with an escape. They would then exchange takedown and escape again, but Brooks was able to get another takedown to close out the second, putting him up 14-3. Geer opened up the third with an escape after choosing down to start. Brooks would get the major decision with a 14-4 win to put the Hawkeyes up 25-6.

At 197 pounds, Dylan Reynolds faced Cash Wilcke. There was no scoring in the first period. Wilcke chose down to begin the second and would get the escape to make it 1-0. Wilcke would get a takedown to make it 3-0. Reynolds would then get an escape after going out of bounds a couple times. Reynolds chose down to start the third and would get an escape with one minute left to make it 3-2.

Wilcke would close out the match with a takedown and with riding time he won 6-2, giving Iowa a 28-6 lead.

In the heavyweight match #14 Billy Miller closed out the match with a victory for Edinboro by defeating Steven Holloway.

Miller would start the scoring with a takedown. Holloway would get an escape to make it 2-1.

Miller started the second period down and got the escape after a few rounds of getting pushed out of bounds. Miller would get another takedown to extend his lead to 5-1. Holloway started the third period down, but would be unable to escape as Miller increased his riding time to 2:36 and won a 6-1 decision.

“Billy looked sold. I’m really happy for him,” Flynn said about the final match of the evening.

The Hawkeyes would finish out with a score of 28-9.

Edinboro’s next match is the EWL championships, which ultimately decides who will qualify for the National meet in St. Louis, Missouri, which is set for March 16-18.

Michael McLaughlin can be reached at sports.spectator@gmail.com. 

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