Emails to students, parents push for attendance during strike

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 at 11:09 PM

Edinboro University sent out emails Tuesday, encouraging students to still attend class in the case of a faculty strike on Oct. 19. 

In two separate emails — one to parents of students and one directly to students — the office of the Edinboro University President, H. Fred Walker, told students "our attendance policy will remain in effect." It continued in the student email, stating, "You will be expected to report to all of your classes every day, contrary to anything you might have heard from other sources."

Speaking on behalf of PASSHE, Media Relations Manager Kenn Marshall spoke to The Spectator on the possibility of replacing faculty, stating "Replacing faculty is not something that we [PASSHE] have plans to do at this time.” Edinboro University and PASSHE have not stated who would be taking attendance at class meetings during a possible strike.  

The university attendance policy, No. A062, does state the following, "Students are expected to attend each and every class meeting in its entirety. Faculty members shall maintain a record of classroom attendance." But in regard to grading, faculty members are "encouraged to consider class attendance in their grading," not required. A student also "shall have the privilege of unexcused absences equal to the number of classes held in a week, or to one absence per credit hour, whichever is less."

In the parental email, the office asked parents to "join us in encouraging them to report to all of their classes ever day." In both emails, the office also claimed that "some professors will continue to teach." In an interview with APSCUF President Kenneth M. Mash back in September with The Spectator, he stated, "We would expect the faculty that teach your classes now will not be teaching your classes, the counselors won’t be there, the librarians won’t be there — everyone who’s a faculty member on the campus will not cross the picket line."

The notice from the university also states that Edinboro University as a whole "will remain open, including student services such as housing and dining." 

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