EU announces 10 new academic offerings

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:27 PM
EU announces 10 new academic offerings by Erica Burkholder

The rumors are over.

Edinboro University officially announced both new academic programs and program reconfigurations this summer, including the much-buzzed about fermentation science major.

Included are five new majors in total, three concentrations and two minor programs.

Most, if not all these programs, are projected to deal in expanses in the job market or deal with workforce employee shortages.
 In a statement, Interim President Michael Hannan said, “The University will review its academic offerings in an ongoing way, adjusting as needed as student interests and market needs evolves.”

Accounting, applied technical leadership, data analytics, fermentation science and geographic information science are the new majors. Data analytics is also set to be offered as a minor alongside dyslexia intervention. The four new concentrations are community arts, forensic anthropology, pre-occupational therapy and pre-optometry.

Accounting becomes its own major while it was previously housed under business administration. The online applied technical leadership program looks to keep its students in their job while they pursue their degree. To be eligible for the program, students must have completed 12-24 technology related credits and nine general education credits.

Both fermentation sciences and geographic information science hope to prepare students to get a job in industries that are growing quickly. Fermentation science students will be trained for entry into the pharmaceutical industry, the brewing industry and food sciences. The brewing industry, in particular, is on the rise, as the craft beer business has grown by “1.4 million barrels.”

Geographic information science prepares graduates for what the university describes as “jobs of the future,” such as mapping out routes for self-driving cars. Current job options for geographic information graduates involve the military, private businesses and public utilities.

Data analytics is coming in as both a major and a minor. The field will reportedly be facing a shortage of employees as most industries need data analytics experts. Graduates may go into fields such as software development, journalism, insurance and banking.

Dyslexia intervention is the other new minor being offered, through the Edinboro University School of Education’s Early Childhood and Reading Department. The minor is designed to train those that want to help people affected by dyslexia, which includes 20 percent of the general population and around 80 percent of those that have a learning disability.

Forensics anthropology is a concentration within the anthropology major. Graduates will have a chance to work in fields such as crime scene investigation, consulting for medical examiners, or museum curating.

Pre-occupational therapy and pre-optometry are both concentrations in heath sciences. Both concentrations are science heavy and prepare students for the next steps in their path to becoming physical therapists and optometrists.

Community arts is a concentration within art education. The concentration allows students to mix their love of arts with their love of social justice and will look to help graduates teach with art as a tool in low-income, at-risk communities.

According to Hannan, “As a regional, comprehensive university, our role is to ensure we prepare students for fulfilling careers that meet the needs of the community, regionally and beyond.”

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