EU, Clarion, Cal launch integration webpage, FAQ

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Monday, November 30th, 2020 at 4:23 PM

Edinboro University, Clarion University and California University of Pennsylvania have launched a new university integration webpage that aims to answer student and staff questions about the ongoing process. They have also launched an FAQ for the integration.  

The three universities are in the planning stages of this process, or as the website states, “a project that considers integration,” with review of final plans slated for April 2021. According to the page, “The goal is to create new opportunities for students, including a wider variety of academic programs, and to hold down the cost of higher education for students at all three campuses.” 

The integration webpage is replicated on Clarion and California’s websites. It mentions how the planned integration could benefit online education: “Our universities are longtime leaders in online education. Together, we’re building an even more robust online operation to meet the needs of Pennsylvania’s students and employers.” 

On both the EU webpage, and through a recent op-ed from Edinboro University President Dr. Guiyou Huang, the university has defended against concerns regarding college life and Edinboro tradition under integration.  

Huang writes of Edinboro’s campus: “Late nights spent creating art will go on. Reflections of fall, in all of its splendor, will be seen in the ripples of Edinboro Lake in the years ahead. And yes, the sounds of bagpipes will linger.” Meanwhile, the webpage mentions that college experiences like clubs, organizations, leadership and service opportunities, and “even late-night pizza parties" will continue.

In the connected FAQ, it also confirms intentions to retain the Edinboro name.

The webpage also continues with the concept that this integration would result in “one leadership team, a single faculty and staff, a unified program array and a single, combined budget.”

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