EU professor Caroline Campbell releasing chapbook of poetry

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at 7:43 PM
EU professor Caroline Campbell releasing chapbook of poetry by Livia Homerski
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Edinboro University English professor Caroline Campbell is set to release “Drawn to Extinction,” her second chapbook of poetry. Her first chapbook, “Incongruent: Someday,” was released in 2014 and published by Dancing Girl Press.

“Drawn to Extinction” is a limited edition, handmade book that will be published by Kentucky company Finishing Line Press.

Campbell first discovered Finishing Line Press while interning for Poets House during grad school and eventually decided to publish her book with them.

“They are an award-winning small press based in Georgetown, Kentucky, whose mission is to showcase emerging writers. It wasn’t until my friend and fellow poet Sarah Sala, whose chapbook ‘The Ghost Assembly Line’ was published by them in 2016, encouraged me to submit my newly completed chapbook that I felt like it’d be a good fit,” stated Campbell.

A “chapbook” is a small, typically paperback book that contains ballads, poems, tales, or tracts. “Drawn to Extinction” is inspired by much of Campbell’s life experiences, with embellishments made to aspects of the narrative so that the story remains slightly ambiguous, rather than autobiographical. Campbell drew inspiration from other writers such as Jack Gilbert, Maggie Nelson and Kiki Petrosino.

“While the book mostly focuses on the speaker’s romantic relationship to another person, it resonates with the human experience of the fragility of relationships and how we learn from our failures,” explained Campbell, giving a glimpse of the book’s themes and narratives.

The book contains work old and new. “I have been working on some of the poems within this collection for almost 10 years, but others for only a year or two. The work within ‘Drawn to Extinction’ started out as a much longer collection, but these pieces have the strongest and most cohesive voice,” said Campbell.

When asked why Campbell writes in this particular form, she responded: “Writing poetry is my way of making sense of the world and understanding what role I play within it. As a poet, [or] any artist really, you pay attention to things that many people would overlook. That attention is seen through the choices — like playfulness in language, punctuation, sound — and then reflected onto the page.”

The official release date of “Drawn to Extinction” is May 4, and the book will be available for a pre-order period from now until March 9. The advanced purchase period helps determine the press run of the book. The price of the paperback book is listed as $14.99, but is $17.98 with shipping and handling. Pre-orders will ship May 4. Book readings and signings will be announced.

The book can be ordered with credit card or PayPal by visiting, or through money order to Finishing Line Press, PO Box 1626, Georgetown, KY, 40324.

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