EU prof named EAC Fellow

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Friday, November 15th, 2019 at 11:13 AM
EU prof named EAC Fellow by Amber Chisholm
Edinboro professor Shelle Barron working with students. | Photo: Shaddai Crosby

Edinboro University graphic design professor Shelle Barron can now add Erie Arts & Culture (EAC) 2019 Established Artist Fellowship Award to her credentials.

“I was surprised and humbled by the award,” said Barron, who received it in October based on her submission of 12 images (large-scale mixed media on canvas) and her resumé.

Her academic and professional history includes a bachelor’s in studio art, a master’s in painting, involvement in projects at PBS and a job in design, among many other achievements.

Barron, who has taught at Edinboro for almost 40 years, is a member of other organizations such as the Northwestern Pennsylvania Artists Association and the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, the oldest art organization in the country.

She also recently helped fellow Edinboro metals professor Cappy Counard. They collaborated in designing a catalog featuring Counard’s pre-industrial tools for an exhibit at the Mercer Museum located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Fellow graphic design professor Cassandra Reese offered her thoughts on Barron through email.

“Professor Shelle Barron is a devoted educator and mentor, as well as an accomplished designer and artist. It is wonderful to see this brilliant woman receive acknowledgment and support for the development of her work in mixed media and graphic design. Shelle gives her heart and soul to her students and creative pursuits. We are elated for her continued success and fortunate to have such an esteemed, dedicated colleague guiding our students.”

Student Ruka Moribe also wrote on Barron’s behalf. “Shelle is a great professor. It might sound cheesy, but she is the best professor I’ve ever met.”

Moribe continued: “As an international student, it’s sometimes hard for me to be involved in the class, but she’s always ready to help and [is] understanding. What makes her special is that she respects each one of the students. I like how she appreciates our hard work and motivates us. She literally texts us individually and cheers us up. I am so grateful that I could meet her and be one of her students.”

Barron describes herself as a hybrid; she works in the design and art fields, both of which she feels are “coming closer and closer in the digital age.”

The grant associated with the award is $6,000, which she says is intended to just support her work.

She described it as “marrying digital artwork with analog or traditional art,” and this mainly involves creating collages and attaching them to canvas.

Having been previously rejected from this fellowship before, the experience has been particularly rewarding.

“It’s unique because it means so much to me to be honored by my community, and I will use the money to further my investigation and progress in my work,” said Barron.

She hopes to do a residency abroad during her upcoming sabbatical, either in the U.K. or France, because “they all have a deep history of artistic production.” Amsterdam is another option due to their artistically open society.

Barron and her award, along with other fellowship programs, can be found at the Erie Arts and Culture website.

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