EU set to divest from Porreco

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Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 at 9:29 PM
EU set to divest from Porreco by Shayma Musa
Photo: Shayma Musa

Edinboro University will divest from Porreco College over the next two years, according to an email sent out to students of the university. While the fate of the 20-plus-acre property is currently unknown, this move intends to “reduce our costs” as a university.

EU Vice President for Marketing and Communications Angela Burrows said in a separate email: “Edinboro University, along with many of its sister institutions in the State System, has developed a plan to position itself for a strong future. That plan, which is preliminary, calls for a number of changes that will positively affect Edinboro’s ability to best serve its students and the broader community. Divesting of the University’s West 38th Street property in favor of an Edinboro presence closer to Erie is among those changes.”

The presence closer to Erie is also mentioned in the student email and in relation to the ongoing rumor and debate surrounding establishing a community college in Erie.

It reads: “Ongoing conversations between Erie County government, Commonwealth officials and regional leaders express an interest in establishing a community college in Erie County. The Porreco campus has been under consideration as a possible location. We do not know how this process will unfold, but regardless of the outcome, we plan to divest of the West 38th Street property in favor of an Edinboro presence closer to will allow us to create an Edinboro presence with more practical ties to the city and the region’s population center.”

Porreco College currently offers several associate degrees and certificate programs. It opened in 1986.

“Regardless of the physical location, Edinboro will continue to honor the legacy of the late Lou Porreco. The Porreco Promise, an endowment established through the generosity of the Porreco family, will continue to provide ongoing financial support for Erie-area students from underrepresented populations,” said Burrows.

Lou Porreco, a prominent Erie businessman, bought the land in 1986 for what was then valued at $1.5 million. He donated the land to Edinboro University with the specification that it must always be used for educational purposes, according to an article published in The Spectator in 2015.

This move comes after Mercyhurst University announced in Spring 2019 that they would be closing down their North East campus. This campus served a similar function to Porreco, including the associate degrees and certificate programs.

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