EU takes home online ed awards, ranking among powerhouses

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:46 PM

College in America has changed since its creation. Universities are no longer made up of men in tweed jackets badmouthing the same professors their fathers had. Like most things in the age of technology, equal opportunity arose. Online classes are a practical normality.

For example, you can lounge in your sunroom and get an “A+” on your biology quiz simultaneously. The beauty of an online class is its convenience. It allows single mothers, students with disabilities, adult students and more the ability to earn a degree without leaving home. To them, earning a degree is more than just a degree, it means providing for their child, gaining independence through employment and fulfilling a lifelong dream.

According to a recent award, Edinboro has been able to deliver when it comes to online education. It was revealed in May that Edinboro’s online psychology program was ranked 22nd in the country, considered among schools like University of Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee and Rutgers. The organization “Online Psychology Degrees (OPD) analyzes data from institutions with online master’s degree programs in psychology across the U.S., including those that offer degrees in educational psychology, learning and cognition, and school psychology.” Then, according to an Edinboro press release, “after collecting the data, analysts rank qualifying statistics in five categories: affordability, accessibility, flexibility, experiential learning and relevance of coursework.”

More recently, Edinboro was recognized as a disability-friendly online college and was ranked 6th in Most Affordable Online Colleges for Students with Disabilities.

The new director of the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), Lisa Laird, said: “Online classes are an area that everybody needs to pay attention to…the best teaching strategies…and accessibility services is something we have to get more on board with.”

The ability for disabled students to access notes easily, avoid inclement weather and use voice assist functions are only a few of the reasons students who need extra assistance can benefit from online courses.

Laird said: “It is a necessity to consider: adult learners and online learners are just as important as [traditional] students here, but it’s, again, who is in front of you who takes priority, but we can’t forget about [online students] because they’re a growing population of our students.”

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