EUP opens up the Boro Pit

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Friday, September 6th, 2019 at 11:13 AM
EUP opens up the Boro Pit by Zeila Hobson
Freshmen Jordan Alonso & Monique Martin enjoy the hammocks near the Boro pit. | Zeila Hobson

The Boro Pit is complete and ready for use behind the updated Van Houten Dining Hall. It features a stage, outdoor games, hammocks, hanging lights, various seating, and a student ID-activated fire. Like any campus feature, the ‘Boro Pit has some rules already in place.

Sitting or standing on the fire pit is not permitted, nor is littering in the fire or around the pit. You also can’t use the fire to cook. Use of the pit during “hazardous weather,” such as an infamous Edinboro snow storm is also not permitted.

To activate the fire, students swipe their ID cards across a black pad on one of the posts surrounding the pit. According to the Fire Pit Rules sign posted above the activation pad, the gas that fuels the flame ignites in no more than 10 seconds and will burn for 20 minutes “immediately following the last activation.”

When a student uses the activation pad, the sign states that he or she is agreeing to the Fire Pit Rules, that “failure to follow the rules and instructions may result in disciplinary action,” and that the fire pit is under video surveillance for safety purposes.

Any observed damages to or concerns about the Boro Pit should be reported to the University Facilities Department at (814) 732-2826.
A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Boro Pit will take place on Thursday, Sept. 5 at 6 p.m., coinciding with Club Rush.

Additional Photos:

Students enjoying the Boro Pit during the first week of classes. | Zeila HobsonFreshmen Jordan Alonso & Monique Martin enjoy the hammocks near the Boro pit. | Zeila Hobson

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