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Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 at 10:19 PM

The Edinboro University Student Government Association (EUSGA) held their biweekly meeting on Feb. 26 in Compton Hall, room 107A.

The meeting began with remarks from Linda Treese, a representative of the U.S. Census Bureau.

While the census process began in January with the counting of Alaska — and will continue past the actual census invitation date of April 1 — they still need help completing it locally.

Conducted since 1790, this will be the first time the census is available digitally. Treese explained that elderly people will need to set up necessary elements such as an email address to participate. Therefore, at $16 an hour as a part-time job, workers will answer questions and go to senior centers. “They’re going to need a lot of help,” she said.

Overall, Treese stressed the importance of being counted in the census. Citing its use in applying for grants in the region, she said, “Obviously, you guys are here most of the year, so Edinboro needs your numbers.”

Citizens, when taking the census, should list themselves at the residence that they spend more than half the year at.

This applies to college students, as well, who spend a great deal of their year on campus. This includes on and off-campus housing, including roomates, will be counted with the total in the Edinboro borough and the state of Pennsylvania.

In addition, she specifically mentioned that she believes the Pizza Hut in Edinboro closed down as a result of previous census numbers.
After Treese concluded, several new congress members were sworn in. Nick Helfer, EUSGA president, reminded the crowd that they must follow the new congress member bylaws after the “mess” of the previous meeting. The specific bylaw in question holds that every recognized club must attend congress meetings in order to receive funding.

After a reminder that club budgets are due by March 21, officers gave reports on their progress.

Helfer began, stating that the Girard School District will be having a student council visit at Edinboro at the March 25 meeting. In addition, EUSGA has a new director of operations, April Brown, who will be holding office hours from here on out.

Vice President Katie Lentz, inducted during the previous meeting, has been getting accustomed to her new position. “I’ve just been trying to figure out how this all works because I started two weeks ago,” she said.

The main event she’s been working on is for Earth Day, which is on April 22. While events like this usually hire outside vendors to set up at the university, she offered that the clubs and organizations on campus have the first opportunity to get involved.

Public Relations Director Majd Al-Halaby is busy working on forming a public relations committee. Congress members on the committee will become “SGA Ambassadors,” which Al-Halaby indicated would interact with departments and clubs of their choosing all over campus. From there, they will report back to the committee with issues and advice on how to best assist the clubs.

Congress worked next to finish previous business from the last meeting, which centered around marching band uniforms. The uniforms cost $40,000 overall, and congress voted and approved the motion to give the band up to $20,000 for this semester with the expectation that the band raise $2,000. The remainder of the money would be given in the fall semester. The motion was near-unanimously approved by SGA congress members, with only one against.

In addition, David Goodwill, interim director of student life, addressed the audience. He is working to create a university event manual, which would be a continuously-updated guide on how to hold events. The guide would include how to reserve indoor or outdoor venues on campus, among other information.

He also directly addressed clubs with basic information and reminders, such as: SGA outside vendor contract forms and fundraising forms must be filled out at least two weeks ahead of time; SGA is to be used as a bank for any club events; and any movies shown on campus must be correctly licensed in order to be shown. “Campus life is here to help you move through this [process],” he said.

Lastly, in looking to the future, Goodwill mentioned that EngagEU has two important polls regarding Club Rush and Homecoming 2020. The Club Rush poll is intended to get a consensus on when to hold the event: during welcome weekend like in previous years, or like last semester when it was two weeks into the semester.

The Homecoming poll is to vote on the theme for this year’s event. There are three choices:

1. Olympics — “Get your game face on for Boro Homecoming 2020 because we’re going for gold. On the heels of the Tokyo Olympics, we’re coming together in the spirit of friendly competition to celebrate Edinboro University — a place that inspires us to reach higher, go further and exceed expectations.”

2. Sci-Fi and Mythical Creatures — “Imagination and creativity will soar as lumbering giants, fabulous unicorns, furry beasts, extraterrestrials, gremlins and the elusive Loch Ness Monster land on our campus. Did we mention Bigfoot, trolls, fairies, mermaids, dragons, leprechauns or wookiees? The sky is the limit for this fantastical Homecoming theme.”

3. Roaring into Homecoming 2020 — “Put on your swankiest Boro attire and get ready to party like it’s 1920. We’re talking sequins, feathers, fringe, fedoras and all that jazz. Edinboro University Homecoming 2020 is going back in time to the Roaring Twenties, a decade that brought women’s suffrage, the first commercial radio station and the Harlem Renaissance.”

The next EUSGA meeting will take place on March 18.

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