Faculty and students to face-off in campus college bowl competition

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 3:59 PM

Each fall semester, Edinboro University hosts a college bowl competition, where student teams from academic departments face off against each other in heated trivia. The questions can be about virtually any subject, which makes it that much more interesting.

Associate professor in the English and Philosophy department, Dr. Roger Solberg, is creating a new college bowl with a twist – the faculty will play the students.

“Because we had fewer teams in the campus tournament than we usually do, I had more question packets left over so I thought, ‘why don’t we do something with them?’” said Solberg.

He stated that the match started off small, with only one faculty team playing one undergraduate student team. However, he received more interest from the faculty and decided there would be two faculty teams, an undergraduate student team and a graduate student team.

The undergraduate team consists of students from the fall campus competition who had the highest individual scores from the toss up questions. Solberg said that he picked students from different disciplines.

“We have math, we have science, we have social science and we have humanities. I did the same with the faculty teams and tried to distribute those people so that they were roughly equivalent as far as what their area of specialization is,” said Solberg.

Undergraduate team member Casey Conrad-Medvis said: “Who wins will depend on how competitive the professors get. I think we’ll have an edge in pop culture and current events, but it’s hard to say.”

Solberg said, “In a way, I think the students might have an edge because a number of the questions are pop culture questions, and if you got a question about some hip hop artist or something like that, they’re going to know those.

“On the other hand, the faculty have a deeper knowledge of academic subjects, so you just never know. The questions are all over the place.”

Librarian and member of one of the faculty teams Dr. Monty McAdoo said, “Among other things, it [the event] allows students and faculty to see and interact with each other on an entirely different and fun level.”

Graduate student Andrew Confer is excited for the competition and said, “This is the fourth year I’ve done the competition, and I have a lot of confidence in our team.”

Conrad-Medvis, McAdoo and Confer have not prepared for the competition yet. However, Dr. Peter McLaughlin of the psychology department said that he has been preparing by looking at old trivia games and testing himself on the cards.

“The faculty in general have the edge because what used to be taught in universities was called the trivium. We’ve just got that upper hand with the knowledge base,” McLaughlin said.

“Since this is brand new, we don’t know what’s going to happen. Hopefully, it will become an annual tradition,” said Solberg.

The college bowl competition will be held on Feb. 23 in the Pogue Multipurpose Room B at 5 p.m.

Dakota Palmer can be reached at eupnews.spectator@gmail.com. 

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