Faculty contributes to fund for students who need aid

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Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at 10:53 PM

The Faculty and Student Staff Hardship Fund was created with the intention of providing financial assistance when recruiting and retaining undergraduate students. These students “would otherwise not be able to go to college,” according to Jessica Gray, director of annual development at Edinboro, due to hardship or other constraints.

Gray explained how the money was supported through EU’s faculty and staff. “We accept donations, but most faculty and staff do payroll deductions. Our goal this year through the campaign is seeking participation from 15 percent of our faculty and staff.”

Mia Harvey, a music performance and strategic communications major, was asked to help lead the campaign alongside Interim Edinboro University President Michael Hannan. “I used to work for the Phonathon and my boss Jessica Gray, who got me involved with the alumni and helping out with the scholarship campaign and such.”

Harvey continued: “I pay for my schooling mostly through scholarships, so I understand that college is expensive and it’s hard...Anything I can do to help campaign for student scholarships to help them come to Edinboro, I’m more than happy to.”

When asked about her position as a spokesperson for the campaign, Harvey responded with her intentions being, “giving back to the campus, and the university and students themselves.”

Gray elaborated further on the criteria that an undergraduate would have to meet in order to be given financial support from the fund. “As of right now, the scholarship can be renewed and the student has to be in a full-time program, have a GPA of 2.5 or better, has demonstrated a financial need, and is in good standing with the university.”

The intentions of the fund, Gray explained, is to inform students of the other available “avenues” of support when needed.

“We always encourage our students to go to financial aid with whatever issue you’re facing, and we want to encourage students to use this fund to help support them.”

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