Confidential faculty letter says Walker has 'nationally embarrassed' himself and university, calls for action

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Friday, March 23rd, 2018 at 9:53 PM

A confidential letter from Edinboro faculty obtained by Jack Stripling, author of a Chronicle of Higher Education article about Edinboro University President Dr. H. Fred Walker, reads that Walker has “irreversibly lost the trust of students, their families, and the faculty and staff.” The article is designated to go out to the Edinboro community, but is currently in a confidential draft state. 

Another part of the letter reads: “Dr. Walker only apologized for the particular words that he used. It is not just his words that are indefensible. Dr. Walker’s ideas, his opinion of other people, his immaturity, his intentions, and his tactics are indefensible.”

The letter goes on to claim that Walker has embarrassed both himself and the university.

“Clearly, Dr. Walker does not recognize as unethical his deceptive, manipulative, and bullying style of management; he has not articulated a plan to change it or addressed the damage caused by it. His behavior and public statements indicate he will not and cannot change his approach to leadership,” reads a bolded portion of the letter.

The letter concludes with the faculty making clear their distrust of Walker and how the university has many assets to offer.

“But first we have to demonstrate that Dr. Walker does not represent the values of the Edinboro University community, and we have to recognize that Dr. Walker has irretrievably lost his ability to lead Edinboro — and act on that fact.”

At time of publication, the university has not responded publicly to this letter. 

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