First SGA meeting focuses on rebranding, general funds

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 at 6:37 PM

Edinboro University Student Government  Association (EUSGA) met for the first time this semester on Sept. 24 in Wiley 107. The meeting focused on rebranding efforts, along with the aims of becoming a more student friendly and involved group.

One of the biggest changes this year is the elimination of the General Funds process. According to EUSGA, Edinboro was the last of the PASSHE schools to still have that process as of last year; other schools found that it was just not functional. Now, students are required to submit their budget the prior year for activities and events.

In addition, the meetings will now be bi-weekly and club representatives are required to attend. EUSGA is hoping students will be more involved so that funds will be distributed more fairly and everyone will be aware of what is happening. “We felt that it was important for you all to be here to know what’s going on in SGA, the changes that we’re going to make, and also, we want your input as well,” stated Vice President Anjali Wright.

Students will now also swipe in with their ID cards instead of EUSGA taking role. 

Wright also wanted to address what EUSGA is supposed to be, so that everyone was on the same page. She asserted that the organization is not a parent club, but a corporation. “We have employees, we pay taxes, we have audits, so we function as a business. We are here to allocate for you and to give you what you need to improve your experience at Edinboro.” 

Other changes include the rebranding of the game room and EUSGA office. The game room will be repainted and refurnished. They are also looking for students to paint game related murals on the walls of the game room to make it feel more like it belongs to the students. In the EUSGA office, the group is working to develop a more student-friendly environment. There’s free water bottles and other swag for students to take, as well as a cubicle for students to sit and work or hangout. 

Currently, EUSGA consists of Olivia Franchock as the president, Wright as the vice president, Sherri Gould as the financial advisor, and Stacie Wolbert as the overall advisor. Positions for the treasurer, secretary, public relations chair and parliamentarian are all currently open. 

The next meeting will take place Oct. 8 in Wiley 107. 

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