Former Edinboro QB Jake Sisson speaks about athletic career

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Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 at 6:18 PM

“The only thing going through my head after Cheyney was that it was a spectacular career here at Edinboro that gave me a new family and a new home,” Jake Sisson explained, when asked about his last football game as the quarterback of the Edinboro football team.

 “Two minutes later, I was curious about where I would be playing next, because I knew I was good enough to keep my dream of playing football alive and I was excited for a new beginning,” he continued. 

In his academic career at Edinboro, Sisson worked towards a chemistry degree, with a concentration in forensic science and a minor in biology. And in the fall of 2017, Sisson completed his four-year football career by grabbing several of the all-time records for the Edinboro football team. 

The quarterback started playing football at a young age. From there, he continued throughout high school, college and now he is an NFL draft prospect.

Throughout his four years here, Sisson wore the number 10 on the field, which is a number he has carried with him since he began playing. “My first ever game as a quarterback was when I was 5 years old in Rochester, New York playing for the Ogden Bears flag football. 

“Ever since then, my number has been 10 and if I had the option I think I would just tattoo [the] number 10 on my back so I can always wear it,” Sisson said.

Reflecting on his high school career, Sisson said, “Amazing, I had no idea that I would be able to have the success that I had in high school and be so recognized as a QB coming out of Jamestown.”

Sisson went on to describe his college career as “spectacular.” 

“To be seen as such an elite passer in a conference that is known to produce the best competition in all of Division II, for the most part, was a dream come true for the little kid in me who always wanted to play college football.”

He explained in what ways his high school and college athletic careers were different: “They were different only in the fact of the people I met and impacted my life. Every person I have interacted with throughout high school and college are always different. I might be able to go back and name every teammate I had and tell you a little about them. That is something I made sure to do was to know everyone a little.”  

He continued: “One thing I learned as an athlete at Edinboro University is that everybody who is a student athlete here at Edinboro is family.”

Family is something Sisson values. He explained further that his family members are his biggest supporters. 

“My biggest supporters were obviously my family, without them I wouldn’t be here today.” 

Sisson specifically noted his parents as being his biggest motivators in his career thus far. “I mean, when I think I can’t go anymore they are always around to remind me that ‘can’t’ isn’t a word in my vocabulary and if you do something you better give it your all.” 

He continued: “The motivation comes from the fact that they have given their all in the first place to get me to where I am, so in return, I have to give my all to make their time they invested to get me this far all worth it.”

He mentioned another family well-known to the Edinboro community that contributed to making his time here at Edinboro “amazing.” Talking about the Jahn family, he said, “My mom would always joke around and call Mrs. Jahn ‘school mom’; I mean that is how close they are to me.”

He is thankful that he got to know “an amazing family” and stated, “I can’t thank them enough for making Edinboro a second home for me.”

Although he did face hardships throughout his career, such as game losses and shifting staff throughout his career, Sisson still only sees positives. A highlight game of his career that he noted was a battle against Slippery Rock in his junior year, the Rock’s homecoming game. The game was close in score towards the end of the fourth.

“If you go back and look at that game, it was a cold, windy, rainy day where I didn’t throw well at all,” he said. “However, no matter how bad I was doing, my team kept us in the game and when they took the lead with a minute left and we were down 35-31, I will until this day tell people the most calm I felt was in that last minute of the game with a Slippery Rock crowd going wild.”

He recalled, “I made three throws in a row to get us in striking range and on the last play of the game threw a touchdown to end the game.” 

Sisson went on to explain that he has learned many things from his experience of being an NFL prospect.

“The biggest thing that I [have] learned so far from this experience is [that] there are millions of football players not only in our country but around the world that are all aiming for essential[ly] a couple thousand spots,” he said. “And although we are all competing for these spots on NFL rosters, I haven’t met a guy yet in any place...who hasn’t been supportive of the other guys.”

Sisson used the phrase “a journey” to describe his football career thus far. 

“Even these last few months [have been a journey], in going to places like Indianapolis, Miami, and Pittsburgh for different events and meeting all these people and fellow players trying to make it. It’s been an amazing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” 

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