Former Students Discuss Life Post-Graduation

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 at 10:20 PM
Former Students Discuss Life Post-Graduation by William Stevens

Graduation is the culmination of all the hard work students have put into classes. Assignments, essays and exams all ensure you get the most out of your education. But what comes after?

Becca Meyers graduated with an early childhood preschool education degree on May 9, 2015.

Meyers went on to say that she began her preparation early. As a result, she began working in her field on May 11, only two days after.

“I wasn’t nervous about finding a job,” Meyers said. “I started looking in the beginning of April. I was more nervous about graduation itself.” “I was about to walk into the real world and I just spent four years in college…I was excited to be leaving Edinboro, but nervous for the next chapter in my life to start.”

Elizabeth Nichols graduated with a major in photography and also graduated in May. Unfortunately landing a job has been a bit more difficult for her.

“[Being] nervous about finding a job doesn’t begin to describe it,” said Nichols. “I knew the job market wasn’t good and photography is a highly competitive field.”

Nichols also explained that “I haven’t technically been hired in my field” and she is “actually a cashier at Wal-Mart.” She did mention she is working towards getting a job in her field.

“I’m a freelance photographer so I’m basically my own boss. Finding clients isn’t easy, as no one wants to hire a person fresh from college but I have a couple clients.”

Nichols also mentioned that she does all of the photo editing herself and then sends the files to the clients before she prints them.

Amy Carcaise graduated in Spring 2014 with a major in graphic design.

“It was tough; I kept getting rejected because I didn’t have the experience. It took me a little over a year to find a job in my field.”

Although not all of the students participated in internships, some of them did get experience working in their respective fields. “My first [internship] was for Carrie Ann’s Bridal Shop in Oakdale,” Carcaise said. “My second one was for Bobolink Creative in Youngstown.”

“I learned so much at Bobolink Creative. The owner and I worked side by side on each project and I actually designed the company’s current t-shirt. I was there for 4 months.”

“I have field experience at the Eastside YMCA in Erie,” Meyers said. “[Although] I didn’t do an internship.”

Graduation can be intimidating and it does not mean the end of your college career, but rather the beginning of your work career.

“Balance is the key to keep yourself from getting unduly stressed but still keeping up in classes,” said Meyers.

“My advice to those who are reaching the end of your time at Edinboro: do not slack off. Work hard and make sure you take the time to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.”

William Stevens is the Campus Life Editor for The Spectator and he can be reached at

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