‘Fragile’ gallery tackles nature and satire

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Friday, November 15th, 2019 at 11:21 AM
‘Fragile’ gallery tackles nature and satire by Ben McCullough
'Umbrella Mushrooms' by Timbrook. | Photo: Ben McCullough

This week in Bates Gallery, graduate students Darrin Simmons and Whitney Timbrook showcased their work in their collaborative gallery, titled “Fragile.” The gallery featured sculptures from both artists, along with three paintings by Timbrook that placed acrylic ink on Stonehenge paper.

Timbrook’s sculptures, meanwhile, were of biomorphic design and resembled Eukaryotic organisms, meaning they are representative of living organisms, those with cells that have a nucleus enclosed within membranes. She utilized stoneware, underglaze, acrylic, flocking, floss, wire and wood in her work. She said in her artist statement that: “My sculptures that primarily focus on organisms from the Plantae and Fungi kingdom are fueled by my upbringing in West Virginia. The time spent foraging, gardening and exploring in the Appalachian Mountains has given me a permanent bond with nature and my surroundings.”

Most of Simmons’ sculptures were of different human figures. In his artist statement, he wrote, “I view my work as satirical narrative, exploring themes pulled from contemporary society.” Two ceramic sculptures arranged on the same pedestal depicted two men with guns, one titled “Ted, Defender of American Values,” and the other titled “Brian, Also A Defender of American Values.”

Stop by Bates Gallery, located in Loveland Hall, to see what art is currently on display.

Additional Photos:

'Umbrella Mushrooms' by Timbrook. | Photo: Ben McCullough'Ted, Defender of American Values' by Simmons. | Photo: Ben McCulloughMore of Simmons’ sculptures populated the floor of Bates Gallery. | Photo: Ben McCullough

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