From GA to head coach, Formato was destined for Boro

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Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 at 10:44 PM

Earlier this year, looking ahead to the 2016 Edinboro women’s lacrosse season, Caitlin Formato planned to be a part of it.

Until she wasn’t.

The former George Mason standout planned to be a part of former head coach Kevin Cooke’s 2016 coaching staff before the first ever Edinboro women’s lacrosse coach resigned over the summer.

“I was originally supposed to be the graduate assistant here,” Formato said last week. “Then when I found out coach Cooke was leaving, I didn’t want to come into a school where I didn’t have any guidance or someone to mentor me.”

The new vacancy left Formato searching for a new landing spot.

“I took a job as the GA at St. Bonaventure University,” Formato explained. “I was there for about a month and then I found out that they weren’t able to find a head coach. So I decided why not, I’ll put my resume in. My ultimate goal was to be a head coach since I was a freshman at college and I figured if I could reach my goal at a young age, I might as well go for it. So the next thing I knew I had the interview and here I am.”

The 2013 George Mason graduate is just a few years removed from her playing days, but she has built a coaching resume in her short postplaying days.

After obtaining her degree in management with a minor in tourism, the Lancaster, New York native traveled across the pond to begin her coaching career. She was named the head coach of the Malvern St. James School in Worcestershire, England where she coached for two years.

“It was amazing. I would never take it back,” Formato said of her first coaching gig. “I stayed there for two years. I stayed at the same school. I was coaching lacrosse, but sports over there are very different. It was very eye opening in many ways.”

Domestically, she was the director of the Lacrosse United summer camp in Lancaster, New York in 2012 and 2013. Additionally, she coached the Lady Monsters travel team.

Formato was a three-year starter as a George Mason Patriot, serving as a team captain for her junior and seniors seasons. She scored 65 goals and 19 assists, totaling 84 points, while appearing in 67 career matches, with 51 starts.

The newest Fighting Scot hopes to continue the build of the program.

“I think the biggest thing right now is the numbers,” she said. “Last year started off well and then they had a bunch of injuries. You look at our sideline and we only had two subs while Mercyhurst may have had 10 or more. We just need depth. So my goal is to go hard after recruiting and get as many girls as I can.”

Formato believes it is a numbers game and would like more players, but for now she is happy with the quality of players that she currently has sporting Edinboro women’s lacrosse uniforms.

“They are a great bunch of girls and really good to work with,” Formato said of the current players. “They work hard and they want to improve. That’s the biggest thing I can ask for. I’ve been throwing a lot at them and they have been feeding off of it well.

The one-time soon-to-be graduate assistant thought her days in the Boro were done before they even began. Now she’s back as just the second Edinboro women’s lacrosse coach ever.

Tyler Trumbauer is the Sports Editor for The Spectator. He can be reached at

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