Fun and games under the plaid sun, while supplies last

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Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 1:40 PM

Edinboro is known for its snow.

A whole lot of snow in fact.

Nobody is denying that, but for the beginning part of the fall semester there are some things you just won’t get once it starts snowing. Here’s a list of the top 5 things you should do while you still can.

1. Get dinner at the Sunset Grill

Although some may not realize, Edinboro is actually a pretty popping summer spot for people looking for a relatively inexpensive lake house experience. Sunset Grill offers a grand view of Edinboro’s sunset across the lake, running from May to October before it closes for the long winter (and the majority of the spring) season. Although it’s mildly pricey, ranging from “$$-$$$” on Trip Advisor, the view is worth the extra couple dollars for the Reuben and fries.

2. Visit the Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm

The only native breed of “cattle” known to North America also happens to live in droves at the buffalo farm found a little bit before the Walmart plaza on Koman Road. The animals are in their highest concentration during this time of the year when they roam the large multi-acre grass field that is partially visible from the highway and graze. Once the buffalo are off hiding in their barn, you can choose to pet some of the petting zoo animals and explore the corn maze offered for the Halloween season at the farm. You can also sample some of this majestic animal at the restaurant housed on site if that’s more your taste.

3. Go to Dairy Supreme

Dairy Supreme is the premier place for when the McDonald’s ice cream machine is down (or you just want something a little more local). They offer ice cream, frozen yogurt and fried foods at a cheap price and the ambient glow of the yellowed sign will give your Instagram posts the perfect retro lighting. Its last day is Oct. 18, so give this place a visit before it’s too late to get some special of the day fro-yo.

4. Try your hand at disc golf

Literally half of the campus makes up the 9-hole course that starts next to the gazebo by Mallory Lake, aka Fake Lake, and finishes in the woods between Highlands 4 and Highlands 7. If you are looking for a map, you can find one on Edinboro’s website and since it’s assumed you lack a disc for such an occasion, sign one out at the climbing gym for free with a student ID.

5. Just simply take a walk

Trust me when I say Boro doesn’t have a lot to do outside once it’s cold. Find some time to take a walk and blow off some steam while you still can, because fairly soon the only place you’ll be able to comfortably do that is your apartment. Plus, blowing off all that steam will make it a sauna, and nobody wants to live in a sauna.

Roman Sabella is the voices editor for The Spectator. He can be reached at voices.spectator 

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