Gallery 104 extends cordial invitation to showcase student and local resident artwork

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 4:32 PM
Gallery 104 extends cordial invitation to showcase student and local resident artwork by Anna Ashcraft

Featuring over 70 local artists on consignment and an additional five artists throughout the country, Sarah Schoolcraft and Mary Bellucci co-own Edinboro’s newest art gallery.

Located on Waterford Street, near Edinboro’s main drag — Gallery 104 opened its doors last November.

“We decided to open the gallery after we [Schoolcraft and Bellucci] took over running the art portion of the Edinboro Art and Music Festival,” Schoolcraft said. The gallery opened Nov. 21, 2015. They will be celebrating their “one year anniversary” with a friends and family event Nov. 19. The event, which will run from noon to 5 p.m., is open to the public and will have refreshments, food and some items on sale.

“Opening day was fantastic, better than we thought. We had tons of people coming in. We were really not even going to sell anything; we just wanted everyone to come in and take a peek. We didn’t even have our system, but we ended up selling a lot and did really well that day,” Bellucci said.

Bellucci and Schoolcraft started out with 25 artists featured in their gallery when they opened in late 2015, but are now featuring over 70. They only take handcrafted, independent artists’ work and support local art by featuring strictly local artists on consignment, with the exception of five artists throughout the country they have bought pieces from.

Schoolcraft is a EU jewelry and metalsmith graduate. Some of her work is available for sale in the gallery.

“I have some of my work in here — whatever I feel like creating at the moment is kind of where I go with it,” Schoolcraft said. She mentioned the different things she has made that are in the gallery like scarves, paintings and jewelry.

Bellucci talked about how the gallery is open to accepting student artwork. “I get asked if a lot of students have brought artwork to our gallery and they really haven’t. I don’t know if they don’t know we are here or what, but we just haven’t had a lot come in. We would enjoy having them come in and bring some of their work in,” said Bellucci. They are open to any independent artist as long as the items are handcrafted.

The gallery has a wide variety of items and prices. “We have $5 items, up to a couple of $500 items. We make it affordable. Anyone can afford to come in here and buy something nice,” Bellucci said.

They are the newest art gallery in town and the only one of their particular style. They categorize themselves as a boutique, which features multiple different styles of art. Parkers Framing Gallery in Edinboro and Light in the Woods are the only other two art galleries in Edinboro.

“Each one [local business] has something different to offer and it’s kind of nice because with all of the antique shops, Earthshine, and Parkers — with everyone together it’s become more of a destination, not ‘oh, if I have time’, people will come down and shop. Especially over the summer, we had a lot of people who would park and then walk around the town and shop at all the different shops. It’s turning into a nice little strip of shops,” Schoolcraft said.

Bellucci mentioned that they do not have employees at the gallery, however they do have some artists who help out occasionally.

“Megan Whitten (artist) has really stepped up and she is part of the planning and putting things together. I will come in and she will have done a display; she is really becoming a big part of it. I wouldn’t call her an employee, but she is mainly the one that really helps out,” Bellucci said.

Schoolcraft is in the process of making a website for Gallery 104. She said that there has been interest from some customers for a website, and when it’s up it will feature art and information regarding the gallery and events.

Bellucci said, “Right now the website will be more informational and visual, it won’t be a site to go and purchase. That may happen with certain items down the road, but we’re not there yet. It’s more of a see what we have to offer site, not so much a shop.”

They also hold events at the gallery. On Oct. 21 and 23 there will be a paper clay class held in the gallery for adults. The theme is fall pumpkins, and attendees will get to make their own harvest pumpkin or jacko’-lantern, then paint it.

They will hold a beginners photography class Nov. 5. Photographer R.J. Bednez, of Erie, will be holding the class. After the class there will be pizza and a discussion. Some of Bednez’s work can be seen in the gallery. The class costs $50 and will last approximately 3 hours.

“The class is focusing on learning how to use your manual camera. People buy cameras, don’t know how to use them and they are intimidated by it. He is trying to take that frustration out of it. It will be an hour of discussing, showing how to use the camera, and learning how to use it. Then we will go out and go all over campus and town for an hour or so and actually put that knowledge into use,” Schoolcraft said.

The gallery’s “one year anniversary” event will be held Nov. 19 from noon to 5 p.m. During the holidays there will be Santa’s workshop events for kids held on Nov. 27 and Dec. 4.

“They [children] can come in and make a gift or two, make some cards and they will walk away from this hour and a half, two hour session with stuff to give their family,” Schoolcraft said.

You can contact Schoolcraft and Bellucci on Facebook at Gallery 104, email them at, call them at (814) 273-4116, or find them online on their new website once its operational.

Anna Ashcraft is the Managing Editor of Arts for The Spectator. 

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