Gaming Expo showcases computer science student programs, projects

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Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 at 4:54 PM

Through the sterile corridors of Ross Hall, computer science students work tirelessly on programs and projects, all in the hopes of using their code to create something — be it a business program or the next great video game franchise.

The Edinboro Gaming Expo (EGX) is the culmination of that hard work.

A regular event for the past few school years, EGX strives to be the place for student-made games, programs and experiences. It serves a dual purpose — entertaining event goers, while allowing students to learn more about the gaming industry and what it takes to make it once you’re in it. This year is no different.

“It looks like we’re getting a person from a small game developer down in Pittsburgh called ‘Alchedemium’ to give feedback on our games,” said Zachary Nathin-Gurne Demmel, a senior game development student and member of the game development club on campus, as well as DAG and Gamer’s Guild.

In addition to professional critique, event-goers can expect everything from animations and video games, to full-scale tournaments of various kinds, including a demo from the Game Development Club and Demmel himself.

“There’s been an Intro to Game Development class this semester which is promising quite a few games, and the Game Development Club has been working on a 2D fighting game (think ‘Street Fighter’ or ‘Mortal Kombat’),” Demmel said. “While it is unfinished, we’re still planning on having a tournament with it because we have a playable demo.”

Demmel continued: “I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on the games that I’ve been working on. I also really love seeing people in my major get excited about the games that they’re making.”

While the event is open to everyone, if you’re interested in getting involved with game development, be it the club or the major through the computer science department, Demmel had several words of advice: “I would be more than happy to talk to anyone interested in the Game Dev Club, and I’m sure my officers would be as well. I’d say look into Unreal Engine 4 and Unity; there are a wealth of tutorials online and that gives you a head start on the major, however make sure you focus on learning basic programming.”

Edinboro Gaming Expo is being held on May 7, starting at noon in the Multi-Purpose Room of the Frank G. Pogue Student Center. Entry is $2, and table reservations to show off projects are starting at $5. For more information, contact Demmel or the Game Development Club at

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