G.A.S.P. 2017 presentations span diverse perspectives

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 at 4:59 PM

The 2017 Graduate Artist Student Presentations took place on Nov. 16 and were presented by the Graduate Art Association. The presentations were hosted by Kyle Reidmiller and included student artists Matthew Coté, Sara Catapano, Ben Frederick, and Hannah Pierce. 

Matthew Coté is an artist from Tacoma, Washington who works primarily in metals and enameling. His work is inspired by political agendas, religion, and the effects of social control theory. Coté also takes an interest in politics on the micro level, such as the political divide found in his home state of Washington, and looks to tell the history of Tacoma. 

Sara Catapano is a graduate artist specializing in ceramic work. Catapano’s earlier work draws inspiration from texture and decay in both the micro and macro world, as well as hybridity of flora and fauna from both the land and sea. Her pieces are often built from the inside out. Catapano’s newest work has been influenced by the revelations in medicine, as well as instances of horrific human experimentation. 

Ben Frederick is a Dayton, Ohio native who is pursuing a graduate degree in painting. He is inspired by new perspectives, simplicity and abstraction. He explained that abstract qualities are able to represent a particular experience and that removing tension from an object can allow you to view it in a new way. Many of his subjects are places of “repeated looking” and the objects in his paintings are often things he’s collected.

Hannah Pierce was taught the importance of being in a community while growing up in San Diego, which is something that reflects in her love of people throughout her sculptures. She plays upon deceptive reliefs and angles in her work. Her work addresses topics of human suffering, the grief of industrialization, and our coping mechanisms for dealing with the world we live in. 

Livia Homerski can be reached at ae.spectator@gmail.com.

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