'Get in My Arms' is what you need to get in your ears

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 2:19 PM
'Get in My Arms' is what you need to get in your ears   by Macala Leigey

A musical marriage between every great hopeless romantic 80's movie and modern alternative pop, elaborately, yet justly, describes upcoming Nashville pop artist Phangs’ debut album, “Get in My Arms.”

Phangs, or rather known as Jake Germany – member of indie rock band Cardboard Kids and tour keyboardist for Relient K – approaches “Get in My Arms” with an honest disposition, mixing childhood tape recordings and deep matters of the heart to inspire an affectingly raw, vibey sound for his first solo album, which was released nearly two months ago on July 28.

Consisting of seven original songs, Phangs jam packs a variety of emotions into his carefully crafted songs, starting the album off with its title track, “Get in My Arms.” From the first chord of “Get in My Arms," Phangs hints at an emotionally charged theme by starting the song, and the album, with a recorded adolescent conversation between him and his father.

The album then trails into the 80's nostalgia-induced beat of Phangs’ previously released single “Cul De Sac.” Smooth vocals intertwined with harmonizing synths pair well to build the unique singer’s electronically alternative portfolio.

However, the newly rising pop artist takes a break from his 1980's-esque vibes in the album’s third track to create the soundtrack’s edgiest, stand-out song, “Always Been U,” featuring R.LUM.R.

Released nearly three months prior to “Get in My Arms,” “Always Been U” proved to be a summer bop for alternative/electronic style enthuses. The song gears up with a low, growling beat, luring the ears of hipsters everywhere, and then explodes into a brash vibe of synths and harmonizing “ohhhs,” bound to capture the attention of all genre-loving listeners.

The bold beat then draws back to highlight Germany’s relatable, and self-seeking lyrics, “I don’t know who I am, where I wanna go, who I wanna be, don’t know what you’re gonna see.”

Following the versatile, modern alternative jam, Phangs introduces a softer, laid-back melody to play as the background to his deepest song yet, “I Think I’m in Love?” Holding nothing back, Germany opens his heart to listeners, with honest lyrics (assumingly about his fiancé, Hope Partlow, – insert gushing “awww” here) and reveals his inner hopeless romantic through the catchy tune.

Phangs wraps up the vibrant album, with “Used,” a synth stressed track that utilizes a varying beat and electric guitar bits to kindly throw some obvious shade on a past emotionally draining relationship, which then fades into “Time Goes By,” a far lighter tune.

In the profound ending track, Germany puts into perspective the value of time, singing, “You’d give up anything for just one more day, reaching out to touch ya, but it’s too late, time goes by, but you don’t really want it to.”

The soothing track perfectly concludes Phangs' first solo music endeavor with another dose of authenticity by revisiting the nostalgic voice memo between him and his father; bringing the album full circle.

As Phangs’ debut album, “Get in My Arms” successfully captures the abstract artists’ humble personality and emotional boldness, while inviting curious listeners in with an array of mellow and edgy melodies. The entire album is consistent with talented writing and perplexing alt. vibes, leaving a strong first impression of Phangs, and us wondering what he will accomplish as “time goes by.”

 Standout tracks: "Always Been U," "I Think I'm In Love?" and "Used" 

Macala Leigey is a manager editor (print) for The Spectator. She can be reached at edinboro.spectator@gmail.com.

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