Ghering Food Pantry helps students in need during these trying times

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 at 9:01 AM
Ghering Food Pantry helps students in need during these trying times by Julia Carden
Photo courtesy of Edinboro University

The Ghering Food Pantry is a resource exclusively for Edinboro students in need. The pantry is located in the Ghering Health and Wellness Center on campus.  

University departments are rallying together on Oct. 13 to co-host a food drive event in collaboration with the Ghering Food pantry. ThAthletic Trainers Department, the women's basketball team, EU Enrichment Office Director Jessica Gray, and student volunteers will all be helping out to collect donations for the pantry. More details regarding the food drive will be released soon.  

The pantry provides a wide variety of non-perishable food items and personal hygiene products. These offerings include but are not limited to cereal, soup, mac and cheese, fruit cups, soap, and toilet paper. All items at the pantry are free and donated by the university and Edinboro community. 

Dakota Dieter, a junior graphic design student, is the manager of the food pantry. According to Dieter, all employees of the food pantry are Edinboro students. He described the pantry as a “great resource for students that are in need.” 

Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Mary Wolf has served as Interim Faculty Director at the food pantry since Feb. 2021.  

“I think this is helpful and convenient to students to offset living expenses and address food insecurities. It's a practical yet caring way for Edinboro University to demonstrate that we care about our students' welfare,” she said.  

According to Wolf, The Ghering Food Pantry has been informally available to students for over 20 years, under the direction and supervision of Darla Elder, Director of the Ghering Health & Wellness Center. Since March of 2021, there have been 53 student orders filled.  

 The pantry has undergone some changes and updates since Wolf took over last winter. She has increased marketing in an attempt to spread the word to students about the resource.  

Dr. Tamara Misner, a former EU Geology professor, created a QR Code and an electronic order form for an easier order process. These updates have been promoted via social media, Engage U, and even posters hung around campus. Another new edition to the food pantry is the free delivery service for on-campus students.  

Students who would like to receive food and/or toiletry items from the food pantry must fill out a digital order formFood pantry cards with the QR Code are available to students at the Ghering Health and Wellness Center.  

“The order will be filled in a timely fashion and the student will be contacted to arrange delivery if they reside on campus or to notify them that their order is ready for pick up at Ghering Health Center. No appointment needed. Simply stop by the reception desk to pick up your pantry order,” Wolf explained.  

The Ghering Health and Wellness Center is open Monday through Friday, 9 am – 9 pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 3 pm – 10 pm. Questions regarding student orders can be directed to Dr. Mary Wolf at 

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