'Good Cup, Bad Cup' presented in Bates Gallery

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 7:15 PM
'Good Cup, Bad Cup' presented in Bates Gallery  by Rachel Shirey
Photo: Rachel Shirey

‘Questioning and exploring notions of craft, beauty, and ceramic tradition’ 

Seniors Matthew George and Stephen Rosini joined forces to present an art show meant to make you think about good and bad. The show, suitably titled “Good Cup, Bad Cup,” in a reference to their different styles, featured in Bates Gallery last week.

George is a 23-year-old ceramics and printmaking dual major from Edinboro, and Rosini is a 22-year-old ceramics major from Danville.

Rosini explained how the two cups in the front of the exhibit were meant to show how “two people can make something using the same clay, same glazes, same firing, but look completely different.”

George described his art style as something very “spontaneous and expressive,” clarifying that a lot of energy goes into his process. Rosini, on the other hand, spends his time “trying to make something very tight and precise with elegant forms.”

After graduation, George is looking to complete “a residency or two and then go to graduate school.” He explained that he “might want to be a professor if the stars align.”

Rosini would like to participate in a “summer internship and possibly go to graduate school.” However, in the future, he plans to have his own ceramics shop.

While most all of the work was either George’s or Rosini’s, they did collaborate on two pieces. These pieces did “not have much planning and were very improv,” according to George, who elaborated that their “two styles play off each other so it made sense to do two collaboration pieces.” Rosini also explained that the two passed the pieces back and forth, saying, “I’d throw the clay, and [George] would decorate it and then I would glaze it and then we reversed the process for the second piece.”

To current and future ceramics students, George and Rosini gave some advice. “Spend as much time in the studio as possible and work as hard as possible,” George said. “There are so many things that can go wrong and you just have to beat the odds.” Rosini added that “eventually things will progress [with your work].”

“You can see and experience the differences people can make within the field [of ceramics], and it’s fun to see everyday objects that are not mass produced,” was Rosini’s reasoning for people to check out their ceramics show. George, however, was straight to the point, saying, “Come because it’s the best show this semester.” 

Rachel Shirey is a staff writer for The Spectator. 

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Photo: Rachel ShireyPhoto: Rachel ShireyPhoto: Rachel Shirey

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