Graduation 2016: One More Month

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 11:40 AM
Graduation 2016: One More Month by Andy Vest

In less than a month from now Edinboro Universtiy will be commencing with the Spring 2016 graduation. If you are about to graduate like me, it is the final crunch time where every single thing just seems to be getting thrown at you, such as the normal projects, papers, presentations, and exams that we have become used to. But now, we're in the process of transitioning into the next phase of our life. We are tackling our regular tasks as we seek out jobs, internships, or apply for grad school, while we also tend to family affairs and our current jobs. So if you are feeling exhausted and stressed, keep this in mind, “One more month!”

If you are struggling with stress, maybe I can help. I’ll start with those suffering from job-hunting. If you already have a job lined up, “Congratulations. I wish you the best and I know you will succeed and make your family and friends proud.” If you still haven’t found that internship or job or haven’t even had to find the time to look, then it is okay. You have all the time in the world to find one. Nobody said that you absolutely have to have a job after graduating, but yes, the idea of having one would be fantastic. A thing to keep in mind for the future if after a few months you haven’t gotten hired anywhere, it is still okay.

I’ve gotten to know quite a few people that have graduated and struggled to find a job. They beat themselves over it and a couple of them became depressed for a time, but both in fact did finally get that job. The shocking thing I learned about this is that they were both highly intelligent and excellent in their field of study. One graduated with a 4.0 in accounting and it took her the longest (almost a full year) to find a job. So try your best not to stress out and beat yourself up over this. You’ll find that job that you were meant to be in, just give it time.

For those of you stressing over looking for a job in a city that has more opportunities but is in an area that is completely foreign to you, I also have some advice for you. If there is a city that you are looking at moving to then take a road trip with some friends and do some reconnaissance before applying for jobs in the area. See if you like it before committing to it and hustling all of your stuff to your new place where you could end up dreading everything.

If you do start at a new job and you end up hating it, don’t force yourself to stay there. Look for another one that might be better suited to your needs or perhaps talk to your boss about what other things in the work field might be better for you. Who knows, maybe your new boss can hook you up with another position if you showed commitment and hard honest work. But stay at your job until you find a new one so you give management enough time to fill your spot when you leave. Just don’t end up slaving away years of your life in a job that makes you miserable.

For those of you not graduating but dealing with the pressure of finals and projects, remember to take everything one step at a time. Organize everything and focus on what is more important to finish for you to succeed and slowly whittle away your work load.

Other healthy things that can help ease your stress levels these last for weeks are to add some activity into your day. Go to the gym, go walk outside, or go to a Zumba or yoga class. Just find something that will get your mind off of the work and allow yourself to mentally recover and relax.

Taking a bit of time out of the day to talk and socialize will also help to recover you from the stress. But if somebody seems like they are going to add on to that stress, then don’t be afraid to avoid them until things lighten up.

Feel free to grab a nice warm cup of coffee or tea and sit for a half hour or so and relax to whatever you enjoy whether it be a good book, movie, or music. Just don’t overdo it and begin binging on Netflix, as that may just skyrocket your stress level. Take everything in moderation, including both your work and your down time.

In one more month all of this chaotic madness will die down and the class of 2016 will finally walk across that stage to accept what all of us so rightfully deserve. And if you are reading this and you are not yet graduating, still keep all of this in mind. If this article only helps one person, that is all that matters. I wish you all success in the future.

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