Highlights from Tokyo Game Show 2018

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 at 6:20 PM

Tokyo Game Show 2018 recently concluded and with that comes a slew of new announcements for video game enthusiasts worldwide. 

Sony Entertainment 

Sony specifically had a large showing at the event this year, showing off a whole day’s worth of content on the main stage. Standouts this year included new footage from Hideo Kojima’s “Death Stranding,” starring Troy Baker as well as a large amount of gameplay. They also teased From Software’s new title, “Skiro: Shadows Die Twice,”  available later this year. 

With each showing, fans in attendance were able to see just what the next set of Playstation exclusives look like, alongside exciting new trailers available online. 

Square Enix took to the stage as well, showing off a new trailer, some artwork and some gameplay for the hotly anticipated “Kingdom Hearts 3,” being released in January 2019. This included new information regarding the “Big Hero 6”-themed world and the overarching story of the conclusion to this world-famous series. 

Also revealed was the new project from Sega’s “Yakuza” team, currently titled “Project Judge,” that puts players in the shoes of a laywer-turned-private-eye in Kamurocho — a fictional city made famous by the team’s former series. 


The house that Mario built came to the show ready to fight, announcing and releasing the Nintendo Entertainment System online app for Nintendo Online subscribers. The NES app allows players to access 20-plus Nintendo classics, ranging from “Ghosts ‘n Goblins” to “The Legend of Zelda,” with more to come monthly — effectively creating a mini Netflix on the Switch. Speaking of classics, Nintendo also announced the “Sega Genesis Classics” collection for the Switch, including games like “Phantasy Star,” “Sonic the Hedgehog,” and “Streets of Rage.” The collection will include local co-op and save features when it launches this winter. 

Other news: 

This Tokyo Game Show saw the arrival of a large amount of indie games for all consoles and PC, including “Devil’s Engine” and “Fight Knight” — the latter being a dungeon-crawling adventure starring a knight who, believe it or not, fights. With it already having a brief tenure on Steam, the game comes highly rated by critics and fans alike, and will be out on PS4 and Switch later this year. 

Also shown was “Devil May Cry 5,” the highly-anticipated addition to the famed hack-and-slash franchise. It was met with controversy regarding a new micro-transaction element that will allow players to purchase upgraded items with real money should they choose to. 

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