I Prevail proves to be more than just a Taylor Swift cover

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 5:51 PM
I Prevail proves to be more than just a Taylor Swift cover by Hannah Webster

When I listen to I Prevail’s new album, “Lifelines,” I feel myself sinking into the comfiest spot on the couch while feelings of relaxation overwhelm me. Although this album is very upbeat, I can allow myself to close my eyes and relate to the lyrics, applying them to any struggle I’ve ever faced.

Although the band is considered post-hardcore and metalcore, the yelling by Eric Vanlerberghe is certainly not overpowering. These vocals almost have a soft crispness to them. Most of the lyrics produced in “Lifelines” expose a relatable truth.

I Prevail, who is known mainly for their cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” has produced two albums in a little under two years. The band is signed to Fearless Records and has toured with bands like Neck Deep, Pierce the Veil, My Enemies & I, Hollywood Undead, and Crown the Empire.

“Lifelines” was released Oct. 21 across the nation and in just under a week it has sold 21,677 copies.

“Lifelines” is a mix of a relationship dump-fest and a pick-me-up, “let’s take on the world” kind of album. The songs range from sappy — “Alone,” “Worst Part of Me,” and “My Heart I Surrender” — to optimistic with “Rise” and “One More Time.”

The perfect song to handle a broken relationship would have to be “Worst Part of Me.” The song really cuts into the realness of being blinded by love until the glass shatters. It talks about how you invest so much into another person that your old self becomes foreign.

The second verse seems almost contradictory, as they explain how they were drawn in by the goodness in the beginning of the relationship. Soon they realized it can get ugly and it’s not perfect.

“You pulled me in with a warm embrace/To drag me down to the darkest place/I want to feel just like myself again/But with these chains around my ankles I can’t get away.” The last line of this verse is so relatable for anyone who’s ever been in love and just can’t let go. It just goes to show how love can really make you immovable.

“My Heart I Surrender” is so captivating that it appears on both the EP, “Heart vs. Mind,” and “Lifelines.” This song captures the reality for hopeless admirers who are invisible to their crush.

It reads, “Chasing Love that can never be mine/ Maybe one day you’ll realize/ These words you should always remember/To you my heart I surrender.” Anyone looking for a beautifully chilling devotion to love should really spend time breathing in the lyrics with each chord.

“Rise” and “One More Time” really hit the nail on the head in regard to taking chances and living in the moment. The lyrics are basically screaming, “When life gets hard, don’t let that define you/Get up and try again.”

“One More Time” becomes the perfect example of a true pick-me-up song, as lead vocalist Brian Burkheiser sings, “Get up, get up, feel
the kick drum beating,” and continuing later on with, “Get up, get up feel your heart still beating one more time.”

You know those songs where you can’t help but Google the lyrics because it becomes more of an anthem than a tune with a cool verse here and there? That’s “Rise.” It’s pretty much the same lyrics repeated a few times, with two verses peeping in at the beginning and end. The song is very demanding and therefore motivational for people who just need that extra push.

While the songs previously mentioned are the engrossing underdogs of the album, there is a reason “Scars,” “Lifelines,” and “Stuck in Your Head” were released before the full album.

Each song pushes a true I Prevail sound, with the traditional punk rock feel and taste of metal. These three singles will truly carry the album until it becomes a bit more well-known to other music lovers outside of its unique genre.

Although many have followed I Prevail since their release of “Love, Lust, and Liars,” and the release of track “The Enemy” from the EP in December 2014, they still have a long way to go before they are accepted by the greater community of pop-punk and metalcore junkies.

I Prevail will be in Pittsburgh on Dec. 14. To see a full schedule of their “Rebels Without a Claus” tour, head to iprevailband. com/tour 

Hannah Webster is a social media editor for The Spectator. 

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