Impressing Your Professors

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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at 6:20 PM

Now that a new semester is underway the class projects may already be piling up over your head.

This is the semester where you turn things around! But…the professor is confusing, and you cannot see past the hat of the guy in front of you. Maybe this subject is completely foreign and you do not understand it at all. Whose idea was it to take this class anyway?

Okay, take a breath. The beginning of a semester brings a lot of stress, but with it is opportunity. With a little effort and focus, you’ll impress your professors and make the grade.

At the beginning of a semester, it is important to be organized. From day one have a notebook and folder for each class. My notebook and folder for each class is a specific color, which makes grabbing what I need in a hurry easy. If you don’t want to be as extreme as color-coding, you could always just label your books.

Make sure you also buy the required texts. The school bookstore might be expensive, but there are also many online sources that can sell your books for a fraction of a new book’s price. Some professors actually make it mandatory that you get the book and will take away grade points for not having the book for class.

Speaking of prepared, make sure you are prepared for class. That means bring the corresponding notebook and folder, and for your own sake, bring something to write with. This is not high school. If you sit in class doing nothing, you are guaranteeing that you will fail in the participation section of the course.

Reading the assigned chapters beforehand will make understanding lectures a lot easier. Professors love it when you read the material and come in with questions. By asking questions and being engaged in class, you are showing the professor that you care, which means if you have trouble with a grade later in the semester, the professor is more likely to care about you.

Always do mandatory reading. Trust me, they can tell whether or not you have read the book, so you might as well read it. Professors assign readings for a reason; if you have to read something, it is probably on a test.

A lot of students feel nervous about talking in class. If you make the attempt to ask and answer questions, professors will notice your effort. If you are looking to get involved more or even get extra credit, talk to your professors. Some professors actually love hearing this question. If you really want to get on your professors good side, talk to them. Treat them like an equal and they will treat you likewise.

Hopefully you take the time to get organized this semester. It is never too late to get organized.

Erin Boring is a Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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