Is homecoming an overrated tradition?

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 at 2:54 PM
Is homecoming an overrated tradition? by Joe Lewis
2018 Homecoming King and Queen. Photo: Jamie Heinrich
From Thursday, Oct. 7 until Saturday, Oct.9, Edinboro University celebrated its annual Homecoming festivities with everything ranging from alumni reunions, barbeques, parties, parades, football games, and the much-anticipated voting of the 2021 Homecoming King and Queen.

After last year's events were cancelled due to COVID-19, it was no surprise when families, community members, and alumni traveled from all over the place to partake in this year's festivities. But, should Homecoming really be as treasured as it is? To many people, Homecoming represents a time to come home and recollect their college days with nostalgia, reconnect with their friends and family, and celebrate their university. But to others, this weekend-long event is merely a popularity contest between students with large friend networks to battle for the title of Homecoming King and Queen.

Tyler Kratz, a senior chosen for the Homecoming court this year said, "so basically I feel like the outcome of the Homecoming court is just a popularity contest," but continued on to say "but that doesn't need to undermine the traditions the school does. the events like the parade were a lot of fun, and it brings the school and community together, and the Doucette and Loveland lawn art tents are ways for artists to sell their work."

Kratz continued by explaining that, despite not winning King, the experience itself was rewarding, and it benefitted a good cause. Each candidate was responsible for collecting donations for the penny wars charity contest, and Kratz ended up collecting the most, which was donated to Hope on Horseback, an equine-assisted therapeutic program.
Sophomore Olivia Hodapp seems to agree with Kratz that not everything is about the Homecoming court, stating "I enjoy Homecoming because it's a day to celebrate where you're from."

Every year, without fail, alumni return to Edinboro to celebrate all of the aforementioned activities, and the community always comes together as a whole. It is a time to celebrate not only where you are from, as Hodapp expressed, but also a time to celebrate others around you and the lives they are leading along with your own, and pay tribute to the university that started you on that path.

While high school Homecoming court might've been much more of a popularity contest, Homecoming in college is much more than that, and truly seems to have its roots in a good concept.

Joe Lewis is a staff writer for The Spectator. He can be reached at

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