Is it unprofessional for Trump to tweet excessively?

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Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at 8:31 AM

Since the start of Twitter in 2006, there has probably been no user to receive more backlash and scrutiny than United States President Donald Trump. Since the start of his presidency, Trump has been notorious for his controversial tweets. On July 31, 2018, Trump tweeted that by the time he is no longer in office, the news media “will be gone.” This led to an uproar amongst the journalism and news community, leading many to feel as though their first amendment rights were being infringed upon.

Certainly everyone has their right to freedom of speech, including the president, but many are wondering if Trump’s bold tweets are stirring unnecessary controversy. In fact, according to a poll conducted by Axios, about 59 percent of voters say that Trump is tweeting too much. The president is certainly entitled to speak his mind, but the manner in which he expresses his views, especially via Twitter, is seen as undignified and indecent considering the title he holds.

When it comes to crucial political issues, many are upset that these issues are being discussed through Twitter by Trump. In January 2018, Trump made a tweet directed towards Kim Jong Un, stating, “I too have a Nuclear button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my button works.” Many American citizens felt their safety was at stake after seeing this and were worried that it could’ve possibly encouraged a nuclear war. Of course, this ended up not coming to action, but U.S. citizens still feel uneasy about Trump’s roofless tweets and what they could possibly enable in the future.

All in all, there are certain ways political issues should be dealt with, specifically when it comes to our political leaders handling these issues. Some things are better left offline and should be dealt with privately, away from social media. Although it is understandable that the president may want to voice his concern on certain matters, it might not always be professional on his behalf to take those concerns to Twitter in the manner that he does. 

“It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.” With that being said, the president should keep in mind that the bold way he expresses his thoughts through his tweets are seen as threatening and indecent to most Twitter users.

America looks upon Trump to run this country in the most dignified way possible. Unfortunately, Twitter could be killing that persona. It’s perfectly OK for the president to express his viewpoints on the internet, but when it comes to expressing such intense thoughts, it should give everyone pause.

Abby Martinson |

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