Job searching in a chair

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Thursday, January 31st, 2019 at 4:07 PM

Disability can be quite scary. Those who become disabled must relearn basic functions like eating, bathing and sleeping. When the time comes, we must even go and find a job.

Before job searching with a disability, you must know a few things. For starters, one must weigh their ability way before looking. 

“What can I do?” 

It sounds harsh, but reality is a heartless judge. Even I, who once was in the army, must face the fact I can never go back. Facing reality is the hardest step.

Sometimes companies make it easier for those who have less ability. Government jobs have a document called Schedule A for this. Almost all jobs are competitive to get a spot. Schedule A allows a disabled individual to surpass this step. Sometimes, employers can pick from a list of qualified Schedule A recipients.

Employers can sometimes think poorly of interviewees that are disabled. Some think we can’t work as fast or think as “normal” people. This is a huge misunderstanding.  Depending on their ability, some work even harder than able-bodied people. Some are geniuses like Stephen Hawking. 

Treating someone disabled in the workforce kindly might open a completely new view of life. Do not be afraid of us. Ask us anything. I swear we do not bite.

On another topic, Bryan Cranston, most notably known for “Breaking Bad”, took on the role of a rich disabled man in recent film “The Upside.”  This role came under some controversy. Some disabled actors tried for the part and were rejected. Cranston defended the selection as a business decision. An actor is paid to be someone they are not. Even though he understands where the disabled individual comes from, it can be considered discrimination on Cranston’s end.

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