Biden denied access to communion over abortion debate

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Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 11:07 AM

Church is supposed to be a welcoming place. Recently, Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Florence, South Carolina denied Joe Biden communion for his political opinions on abortion.

There are multiple branches in Christianity, referred to as denominations. Most denominations have a communion. The followers of the Catholic denomination give communion a deeper meaning.

A few chapters of the Bible depict the moments before Jesus’ arrest and his death soon after. There was a specific dinner held with Jesus and his apostles. The dinner was later known as the Last Supper, as depicted in the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Jesus prepares two items (bread and wine) signifying his body and blood, respectively. Ingesting them creates a bond between God and the followers who partake.

Communion is the recreating of this moment in church. Chunks of bread that are sometimes nothing more than crackers, along with a small cup of either wine or fruit juice, are passed around and then consumed after rereading the passages of what Jesus said.

In Catholicism, this bond expresses a union between all members of the faith. This is why Catholicism has such strict laws. Those who take communion are considered to believe in the same beliefs.

It makes sense why the priest denied Biden communion. To the priest’s beliefs, letting Biden participate in communion is like making all those who were in that church share his beliefs on abortion.

This is not the first time this has happened either. In 2004, John Kerry was denied communion for his pro- choice beliefs. Patrick J. Kennedy was told by a bishop in Providence, Rhode Island to stop taking communion over Kennedy’s support of abortion rights back in 2007.

Christianity, though, is meant to be more tolerant. Not once in the Bible does it say to deny someone from participating in church. Even though U.S. “separation of church and state” allows these things to happen, it is still not right.

Denying Biden communion does not change the fact that he's still Catholic. If worshipers are not allowed to follow basic traditions of their religion, how can the church then convince them that what they're doing is wrong?

Archbishop Charles Chaput once said that politicians who refuse to go against abortion should not call themselves Catholic or take communion.

The archbishop would rather put pro-life Catholics over “the vanity or hurt feelings of an individual Catholic governor or senator or even vice president.”

Personally, Biden opposes abortion, but he refuses to impose that on others. Biden feels he should not be allowed to tell others what to do with their own body.

“Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of church teaching,” the Rev. Morey said.

However, Biden is not advocating for abortion. He is advocating freedom for women to choose what they want to do with their bodies.

The Bible clearly outlines how worshipers should not judge others for what they do since everyone sins and all sins count the same. It's a guarantee that everyone in that South Carolina church has lied at least once in their life. If lying is a sin, then why single out Biden? Would that notmean all worshipers are unworthy of taking communion in church? Why single out public figures? 

Church is meant for everyone. The point of a church is to have a place where Christians can worship with each other. It was never meant to be a place of seclusion. It only takes a few to ruin a good thing.

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