Justin Bieber’s new singles fall short, is a step back from previous albums

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Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 at 9:31 PM

“Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter / Gorgeous, make ‘em drop dead, you a killer.” 

Those are the heartfelt words Justin Bieber has for wife, Haley Bieber, in his new single “Intentions” featuring Quavo, released on Feb. 7. This is the last of his singles to debut in anticipation of his comeback album, "Changes," set to drop on Friday. 

Hear me out, I had hope that Bieber’s comeback album would have more heart than his previous hits like “Baby” and “Cold Water.” I wanted this single to be good; I wanted to like it. Other artists have produced comeback albums I've loved — think Harry Styles’ self-titled work. It has a soul and clear intentions as to the direction he is going toward after he came out of One Direction.

Lyrically, Bieber's song is just bad. It reads like a hodgepodge of corporate "ladies, you should love yourself" campaigns. I have seen Dove soap commercials have more heart than this single. 

At one point, he sings, "Shout-out to your mom and dad for makin’ you / Standin’ ovation, they did a great job raisin’ you / When I create, you’re my muse.” If it was Bieber’s intention to compliment his wife, it's a miss.

Bieber’s heavily autotuned voice squeaks out, “Heart full of equity, you’re an asset,” on top of the lo-fi study beats playlist right out of YouTube. I wouldn’t have minded hearing Bieber’s actual voice; I think his vocals are pretty good when not processed. 

This song is nothing but a repeat of Bieber’s music from 2015: over-processed jargon telling women they are pretty just the way they are. I personally did not need another song to tell me just that. 

I want my three minutes back. 

"Intentions" is the fourth single Bieber has released from "Changes." His comeback single was “Yummy,” then “Get Me” featuring Kehlani, followed by “Yummy Remix” that featured Summer Walker. Each single seems to be competing to see which one can be the biggest garbage fire. 

Hey, when “Changes” drops maybe my mind will change, but if “Intentions” is any indicator, something tells me I won't be impressed.

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