Local middle school theater course presents ‘Hoodie’

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Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 11:50 AM

James W. Parker Middle School’s fall play took place last weekend.

Students performed Lindsay Price’s “Hoodie,” a middle school vignette play that examines self-image and appearance.

The cast list included Ellah Beachly, Delia Brasington, Ciara Cieloszyk, Emma Czarnecki, Samantha Fellows, Wesley Haskins, Jordan Henderson, Cullen Howard, Noah Kowalczyk, Shawn Litz, William McConnell, Mackenzie Miller, Sarah-Terese Petkac, Cassidy Swain, Jonathan Anthony, Olivia Bertig, Kaitlyn Brozich, Chase Gerlach, McKayla Hargest, James Kehl, Chloe Marsh, Ethan McCarthy, Comarali Miles, Konnor Repine, Malina Santucci, Cloey Senyo, Allisyn Stuck, Melody Waldinger and Adaline Yeager.

This play developed through James W. Parker Middle School’s brand new class, “Intro to Theater.” This course cultivates students’ acting and public speaking skills through theater. The play was between 45 minutes to an hour. 

General McLane School District is dedicated to making the arts an integral component of the District’s curricular and co-curricular programs, which has made General McLane home to one of the most competitive arts programs in Erie, PA. Art shows, musicals and dramas, as well as the Broadway Dinner and choral and instrumental concerts are all part of the McLane Advantage, which is available to tuition students outside of the district. 

For more information, visit generalmclane.org.

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