Lacrosse Team's Comeback Falls Short in Home Opener

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Thursday, March 24th, 2016 at 7:58 AM
Lacrosse Team's Comeback Falls Short in Home Opener by Mike Lantinen
Emily Peters had 4 goals and 2 assists in Edinboro’s home opener against Bloomsburg University.

On a brisk Saturday afternoon in Edinboro, the university’s women’s lacrosse team took the field against the Bloomsburg Huskies in the squad’s second overall PSAC contest. Unfortunately for the team, their first home game of the year was one to forget, losing a tight one, 11-9.

Much of the Scots’ problems early on stemmed from their inability to control the ball on offense. Following multiple errant passes to the front of the net, Edinboro found themselves with 10 more turnovers than Bloomsburg, a differential that was probably the difference in a close game.

“In the beginning of the season, it was our turnovers in the transition, so our long passes, but we really focused in on that. Now it’s them making these passes right in front of the net that we’re not catching clean,” said Head Coach Caitlin Formato.

After a first half that saw Bloomsburg get out to a quick four goal lead, Edinboro kept it close. Allowing nine goals in the first half, Edinboro had a tall task going into the locker room down 9-5.

Formato spoke about some of those adjustments. “We had our halftime talk, we were definitely capable of playing with that team and I think they (Edinboro) realized that they weren’t playing their game. Then they just started to play how there used to.”

Much of that new found rhythm that the Scots were able to regain in that second half came from the success they had found on the defensive end. After allowing nine in the first half, Bloomsburg could only manage to score twice in the second. This was coupled with stellar offensive work by Emily Peters, who had a hand in each of the three goals that brought Edinboro from four down to within one.

Bloomsburg’s high pressure defensive set forced Edinboro’s goalie, sophomore Paige Skinner to keep her eyes downfield, opening up opportunities for Cydney Hrycko to use her height advantage to get to the ball before any Bloomsburg defenders.

Graduate assistant Kristen Flynn spoke about those scenarios. “We were looking at it because we did notice that some of their players were a bit slower and when we recognized Cyd was one of our fastest players, we wanted to attack those openings.”

“A lot of their players were defending in front (face guarding),[and] that’s when we told them to push off and look for the ball overtop,” said Formato.

Following the three consecutive goals, Edinboro was in position to tie but saw their offense plagued once again by turnovers. Losing the ball on three consecutive possessions, Bloomsburg was in position to run down the clock as much as they could and possibly end the game. The Lady Scots saw an opportunity to switch their defensive strategy and force a turnover.

Formato talked about some of the strategy that goes into those late game situations with no shot clock. “We go into a different defense where we are pressuring full on so that the players can be locked on their defenders. Suffocating any possible passing lanes. Trying to force them to make their own mistakes. From there, once time runs out even more, we will send out a double (team). So the goalie should be sending a double from down low so we have two people on the ball and one girl open. If we’re still unable to force a turnover, since there’s only a minute left in the game and we really need the ball, we pull the goalie out and put another field player in there because they’re more used to defending and don’t have the pads weighing them down.”

The Scots will look for redemption Wednesday, March 23 against Seton Hill.

Mike Lantinen is a Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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