Lancer Letter: Homecoming Highlights — College and High School

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Friday, October 11th, 2019 at 11:07 AM
Lancer Letter: Homecoming Highlights — College and High School by General McLane School District

This weekend, Edinboro University and General McLane High School are celebrating homecoming. We feel fortunate that our homecoming festivities can include participation in the university’s parade. Seeing our band, cheerleaders and homecoming court in the parade is always a pride-filled moment for me. The weekend is a great celebration of friendships and connections.

Homecoming is actually just a very small part of our partnership with the university. Our most significant collaboration is with the “Professional Development Schools” (PDS). Both McKean Elementary and the high school have become a PDS. This means that there is a special relationship with the university whereby education majors start working at the school as early as freshman year. The education majors continue to expand their role with the school as the years go by, possibly culminating with student teaching. The college students get to know the school, teachers and students, and our staff gets to know the college students. This means when one of the students do their student teaching with us, the student-teacher is up and running on day one, and our students get the benefit of a student-teacher who really knows the system.

This year, middle school education majors wanted to get more involved in a local school. They are assisting with the intramural program at Parker Middle School, which is a big help to us and a great experience for them. Education majors also tutor in many of our buildings. At the high school, if a university tutor is able to continue tutoring after the end of their semester, I give them a mock job interview to help prepare them for what they will face in their near future as a thank you.

Our high school students are also benefiting from this partnership as they’re able to take courses on campus. The university has opened many freshman level courses to our students, and our students can take a three-credit college class for only $300. The admissions office has been quite accommodating to our students for this program known as “Dual Enrollment.”
For 2019-20, two new collaborations are occurring. We are one of the first high schools in the nation that will offer our students the possibility of earning a drone pilot license before graduating from high school. This new drone program will include courses here at the high school and courses on campus with Dr. Korey Kilburn, who is both a General McLane grad and certified pilot. The collaboration also includes the North Coast Flight School where another grad, Bryan Loomis, will be instructing.

Manufacturers have, for many years, been lamenting the shortage of people who are certified quality control specialists. In response to this critical need, Dr. Peter Kushinikov from the university put together a program to provide the certification. He also obtained a grant that is allowing six of our seniors from our Manufacturing Academy to complete the program during this year so those students will graduate with the credential.
The university is also one of our partners for the Academy of Medical Arts and Engineering. University professors met with us as we developed the program and now serve as guest speakers for our monthly speaker series for students in the academy. A number of visits to campus take place. Recently, academy students participated in STEM day, while a visit to the medical simulations lab with Dr. Teri Astorino is an established academy requirement.

Of course, our proximity to the university makes us a good location for the many education field students and student-teachers, as well as interns in the psychology, social work and administrative education programs. Our school psychologist, Dr. Jen Hardy, has also done research with Edinboro professor Dr. Joel Erion.

In addition, there are numerous informal interactions between our institutions. Administrators and teachers occasionally serve as guest speakers in a university class, or serve on a panel for future teachers or administrators. Our faculty will call or work with professors on various projects.

Universities and school districts which are neighbors should have a good working relationship. I am pleased to say that General McLane and Edinboro University have such a relationship. Go Lancers! Go Scots!

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