Life Hacks: Limit Distractions to Stay Focused

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 at 10:04 PM
Life Hacks: Limit Distractions to Stay Focused by Anna Ashcraft
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Being organized isn’t an art. There are some easy ways to stay on top of things, even for those who, are organizationally challenged.

Most importantly, keep your desk clear of clutter. If you are surrounded by clutter, then it can cause your head to become cluttered, too.

Also, keep your notebooks and planners separate and somewhere visible. Go through your daily planner multiple times a day and make sure to write down any appointments or things to do.

Americans are always on the go and busy, so keeping a list around will help you remember every thing you have to do, without needing to worry about keeping it in the forefront of your brain.

Plan time for yourself. This may seem obvious, but your body needs time to shut down and relax. You could take time to sit and read or take a nap, but make sure to shut down your mind from the day at some point. This will ensure that you don’t get stressed or feel overworked.

Try to minimize distractions. When working, in any format, you will need to keep your distractions minimal, whether it’s your computer, phone, or music. Also keep your pens, pencils and any other supplies handy so you don’t have to get up.

If you’re not interested in working in an office the rest of your life, you can look at the work of Scott Berkun.

Berkun, former manager, is the author of “The Year Without Pants.” It looks at creativity, leadership and productivity in the laid-back work environment of WordPress.

Still in an environment such as this, organization is important. In our generation, technology is moving to the forefront of careers. Most things we do revolve around computers and software, so acquiring organizational skills such as these will help tremendously.

When working on a computer all day, make sure to keep email distractions limited. Make all notifications appear in the same place so that you don’t have to sign in to multiple accounts. Put your phone away. Stay focused on the task at hand.

If you take a small amount of initiative to organize your office space or school things, it will allow you to become more productive and efficient in your work.

Anna Ashcraft is the Managing Editor of Features for The Spectator.

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