Live Blog: Strike Day 2

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Thursday, October 20th, 2016 at 12:35 PM
Live Blog: Strike Day 2 by The Spectator

Throughout the day, this page will be updated to reflect the current events at Edinboro University regarding the faculty strike that currently affects all 14 PASSHE schools and over 100,000 students across the state. 

-- 12:37 p.m. -- 

The student-led strike continues today as well, featuring students protesting in places faculty can currently not go without crossing the picket line. 

-- 1:00 p.m. -- 

According to an anonymous source, faculty emails have been shut down and cannot be used to keep in contact with students. 

Photos from the picket lines are now available on our Facebook, as well as on this page. 

-- 3:39 p.m. -- 

We've received word that Rose Hall's foodcourt, Skipjack's, featuring locations such as 2. Mato, Sono, Grillnation and Mondo Subs, will not be open past Friday if the strike persists, despite information that all on-campus food venues will remain open. 

Pogue Student Center, Baron-Forness Library, campus recreational facilities, residence halls, and business offices will remain open. Pre-scheduling advising and alternate PIN numbers will be available to students at the Academic Success Center on the second floor of the library, according to an e-mail sent out early this morning. Reeder Hall will remained closed until further notice.

As of 4:12 p.m. this was disputed by Carol Webster, Executive Assistant to President H. Fred Walker. 

- 3:47 p.m. --

As both APSCUF and PASSHE have yet to schedule a date and time to continue negotiations, PASSHE releases a "myth busting" press release.

The press release addresses numerous myths regarding the proposals the state system has brought to the negotiation table. PASSHE’s “Myth Busters” release can be viewed here.

“We do not have another meeting scheduled with APSCUF at this time. We both stayed until 5 a.m., Wednesday; no one left earlier than that,” said PASSHE’s Media Manager Kenn Marshall.

Marshall also addressed why some campuses may be seeing their state system representatives returning to their university, instead of staying in Harrisburg to negotiate.

 “At this point, those members of our [PASSHE] team from the campuses are not here; our staff who serve on the team, are. We are still working toward an agreement,” said Marshall.

- 4:34 p.m. -

With less than two hours left of picketing, (picketing ends at 6 p.m.), PASSHE has not released any confirmation of plans to return to the table.

"The state system hasn't returned to the table yet. Unless that changes, we will be back on the line tomorrow," said APSCUF spokesperson Kathryn Morton.

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