Local band victims of theft while touring the US

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Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 at 8:42 PM

CHICAGO, IL. — A van belonging to local Erie band, The Standby, was broken into and robbed on Feb. 3. The band members — Jordan Sigmund on guitar and vocals, Lyle Sallade on bass and vocals, and Jacob Brown on drums — were at the tail end of a five-week U.S. tour, playing at a venue in Chicago.

When they got back to their van afterward, they discovered two of the vehicle’s windows had been broken, and several of their personal items had been stolen.

“Our photographer had his iPad stolen…they stole clothes from my bass player…and my drummer lost his wallet and some of the more expensive things that he brought with him,” Sigmund recalled. “The iPad was probably the biggest thing.”

The photographer, EU alumnus Joe Lynch, used the iPad for all his work and had over half of his other photography equipment stolen — valued at over $1,500.

The Standby is an independent band, so the cost to replace all these items was on them. This inspired the group to start a GoFundMe page. “We got super lucky — we set the goal at $3,000, mostly to cover our photographer’s iPad and the repairs for the van, and I think we almost hit the goal,” Sigmund said.

“We got really lucky in the first couple days, and a lot of people from home and people that we met while we were touring shared it, and we raised most of the money in two days.” The GoFundMe is currently at $2,822 and is still open for more donations.

Sigmund said the band did file a police report, but they aren’t expecting it to go anywhere.

“We haven’t heard anything...I don’t know if anyone is going to follow up or not. It was mostly just so we could file an insurance claim if we wanted to, but I don’t think we’re going to do that.”

They believe the amount that they’ve raised should be enough to help them replace their larger losses. “It should cover the iPad and the van repairs, and if there’s anything left, we’re going to put it toward my bass player’s clothes.”

This was not The Standby’s first tour, but it was their biggest. They had been through every part of the U.S. except for the West Coast. Sigmund said, “that was the first (tour) of that length. We’ve gone through the Midwest a few times now. In September we were on a three-week tour that went through the Midwest and part of the South and back up the East Coast. And in May we went on a two-week tour that went through the same area, and in August, we just kinda ran to New York City and back.”

Despite these recent events, The Standby is still “standing” strong. While they don’t have any upcoming shows, it’s more due to the end of their previous tour than the robbery. For anyone interested in The Standby’s music, or just looking for more info about the band, you can visit their Facebook page.

You can donate to their GoFundMe by searching “The Standby” on the GoFundMe website.

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