Artist Spotlight: Thriving in commotion

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Friday, November 1st, 2019 at 11:16 AM
Artist Spotlight: Thriving in commotion by Zeila Hobson
A product of Wing's 'Photo Insider' project. | Contributed Photo

Logan Wing, a senior graphic design major at Edinboro, chuckled when he told The Spectator his earliest memory of creating art.

“I want to say it was the egg drawing I made in kindergarten, but I painted a self-portrait in high school in the style of Andy Warhol, and I’d rather remember that one.”

Surrounded by the din of disappointed fans in The Empty Keg the Sunday that the Steelers lost to the Ravens, Wing seemed to thrive in the commotion. His bubbly voice cut through the shouts and moans of the disenchanted “Steeler Nation,” and his eyes, equal parts kindness and wry wit, sparkled over the rim of his Heineken as he gestured animatedly to punctuate his sentences.

Wing’s graphic design work reflects his bold personality. Structured and full of eye-catching color, Wing’s work is clean and easy on the eyes.
When asked about his greatest influences, he credited design techniques “like Bauhaus and that whole collective,” as well as “guys like Virgil Abloh,” who Wing described as “a meta-designer who works with multiple mediums like graphics and fabrics.”

On campus, Wing said he was inspired by Professor Shelle Barron’s “Typography II” class, calling it “a revelation.” Wing enjoys using different font styles and arrangements to make delivering messages an art form. Though his style is distinctive, Wing says his aesthetic is also “constantly changing.”

He continued: “I’ve been exposed to a lot more now, [and] I kind of imitate what I like. I like weird colors and distorted text, but I also love editorial work. I’m versatile, and I still have a lot to learn, which is exciting.” Adept at everything from clip art to magazine spreads, Wing’s style adapts as he learns new techniques.

Growing up, Wing was always looking at logos. “I would trace them and draw them out when I was younger,” he said. “I knew by sophomore year of high school that I wanted to go to college for it.”

Determined to be his own boss, Wing explained, “I’d like to start my own sort of creative company, [but] I want to do more than graphic design.” Realistically, though, he would “love to be a spread designer for a publication like Vogue.”

Wing is currently in a practicum class for graphic design, wherein he makes logos for clients.

He is also an intern at Parker’s Framing in Edinboro and has had the opportunity to design some band posters.

“I’m trying to put together a portfolio magazine,” Wing said of his current projects. He added: “I’m constantly overhauling ideas and trying to get ahead of my senior project. I cannot procrastinate at all this year, it’s not an option, and I have a lot of ideas that I’ll pursue over winter break.”
Referring to the campus art community, Wing said, “Everyone is unapologetically themselves here and everyone else is okay with it.”

He continued: “I don’t feel judged on the art side of campus. There’s so much talent here, it’s insane, and everyone supports each other, which I love.”

When asked his advice for new students, Wing gave a warning for explicit content before saying: “Get ready. You need to go in expecting that you won’t be the sh*t. Your work will probably not turn out the way you want it, but peer critique is a good thing to rely on. Find someone in the class you trust to give you an honest opinion and don’t be subjective when critiquing others; it’s unfair to whoever you’re critiquing.”

After pausing for a sip of beer, Wing continued: “Also, you don’t have to change everything that people say you should. As long as you can back up your decision and think it looks good, then go for it.”

Wing is too busy for commissions right now, but his Instagram features much of his past work:

Additional Photos:

A product of Wing's 'Photo Insider' project. | Contributed PhotoWing's design for a Chimera promo poster. | Contributed PhotoWing's design for Marlboro containers. | Contributed PhotoWing's design for Marlboro containers. | Contributed Photo

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