Meghan Markle cut back royal time

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Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 8:05 AM

My Dearest Duchess, Meghan Markle, 

You are, without question, one of the most influential people of the 21st century. You have built a career on acting but used your newly elevated platform to work and fight for equality for all. You were a hero to all the mixed women and girls (myself included) of the world, and to women, girls and people as a collective.

In the face of hardship, whether it be the tabloids or your own father, you carry yourself with grace, dignity and respect. You go high when the world goes low. You stand your ground when the world tries to put you on your knees. It’s just another reason you’re so influential. 

Thank you for all you do and all we have yet to see,



Once the news of the engagement was announced and the official photos had been released, it was clear: Meghan Markle would be the new “people’s princess.” Markle would enter the royal family and change their ways, or at least influence the monarchy. 

The royal family is a concept built on oppression, racism and hate. Yet, without question we love and support the queen. Markle would bring a new look and much needed influence, so we thought. 

She knew what she was facing marrying Prince Harry, and she was going to fight for change in Windsor. Instead, we got a fight we weren’t expecting: Markle and Prince Harry leaving the royal family. 

The world has been watching the exit just as intently as they did the exit of former King Edward VIII. While Edward VIII (a racist, a Nazi sympathizer) and Prince Harry (who shouldn’t even be compared to such a shameful man) both left the royal family in the name of love, it is not without feeling defeated in the latter case. 

Before Markle, the world had Princess Diana. She defined the rules of the monarchy. She was an activist, a humanitarian, and a person with an understanding of the world. In the ‘80s Princess Diana did work for AIDS relief, and in the early ‘90s, before she divorced Prince Charles, “Diana was known as a prodigious fundraiser and at one point was linked to more than 100 charities,” The Times reported. 

 “Diana: Her True Story” by Andrew Morton depicted her struggles with an eating disorder and an attempted suicide. Princess Diana was just like the rest of us: she was a human. 

Not only had she struggled with depression and an eating disorder, but she was honest and open about the problems in her marriage. She opened the door into Windsor Castle and showed us that they were not perfect, but in fact problematic for one another.

After having lost her royal title, Diana Spencer never changed. She used her platform as a former royal to remain an activist. According to the BBC, five years after her divorce, she traveled “to Angola to bring attention to the anti-land mine campaign of the International Red Cross.” Before the world knew it, she passed away tragically in a car crash. 

Now we have Markle. I don’t know why the responsibility of caring for Princess Diana’s legacy fell to her and not Kate Middleton, but it did. 

As one can imagine, it’s hard to see Markle leaving the royal title and family, because it feels like she’s giving up. It feels as if she doesn’t want to open the door to Windsor Castle, invite us in and show us what has become of the royal family. 

I encourage everyone who’s upset with Markle to remember that the former Princess Diana had left her title and with that her family, but she never stopped standing up for what was right. Markle is leaving her title with her family still intact. 

I can’t help but believe that she picked her battles carefully as to keep her family together. She is not giving up on us. She is just taking a new route. 

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