Men Can't Hold Off Second Half Comeback, Fall to Clarion

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 at 8:36 PM
Men Can't Hold Off Second Half Comeback, Fall to Clarion by Mike Lantinen
Henri Wade-Chatman dropped 24 points in his final game in an Edinboro uniform.

“You don’t want it to come to an end, especially while you’re at home,” said Daryan Robinson after Edinboro’s last game of the season at McComb Fieldhouse.

After a successful first half that gave the Fighting Scots an eight point lead, Clarion came out of the locker room with a vengeance, turning the tide against Edinboro and upsetting them on their home court.

Head Coach Pat Cleary didn’t hesitate to praise his seniors on a tremendous career together.

“They all transferred in here at different points and they all bought into what we were doing. I’m proud of them. They’re good students. They’re all going to graduate, and I’m very confident they’re going to be great representatives for Edinboro moving forward.”

Cleary continued to express his admiration for his team, saying, “When you’re around these guys everyday, you see their ups, their downs, but you just get to be really proud of them.”

After serving as an assistant coach for 14 years alongside Edinboro legend Greg Walcavich, Cleary has seen his share of players cycle through. Regardless, his third year as a head coach seemed to trigger a newfound emotion, watching the players who have helped him in his early years move on.

For the seniors on the team, it was a tough way to see things come to an end. Finishing the season on their home court was “bittersweet,” said Robinson.

“[I] never thought it was gonna end like this,” Robinson said.

Henri Wade-Chatman scored 24 points in 32 minutes and capitalized his night with the rare 4-point play in the second half. Meanwhile, coming into the game, Edinboro’s Jaymon Mason was the second leading scorer for the PSAC, yet he was unable to find his rhythm in this contest, going 2 for 12 from the field in 35 minutes of play.

Much of Mason’s troubles stemmed from the attention Clarion’s defense paid him throughout the entirety of the game. Multiple times, Clarion sent a double team Mason’s way as soon as he caught the ball. One time, the crowd would even see Mason get swarmed by three defenders before the ball even touched the floor.

“Every coach has their own style. Today, Marcus had his guys pressing, extending pressure and switching up zones,” Cleary said.

With early foul trouble for Wade-Chatman and Mason, Cleary had to go to the bench early in the game.

Not missing a step, 3-point specialist Sheldon Brogdon entered the game at his routine time and made an immediate impact, nailing a three soon after hitting the floor.

Robinson, as well as Mikael Anderson and Je’Land Head, also played an important role in Edinboro’s first half lead by continuing the success of the starters.

“I felt like everything was going the way we wanted it to in the first half, just wasn’t going the way we wanted it in the second,” said Robinson.

The second half for the Scots served as one of their lowest scoring percentages for a single half all season, as they shot just 28 percent at 9-32 from the field.

Clarion, and specifically Rob Agurs, scored with ease, using screens and weaving his way to the basket. He contributed nine points to a 12-2 Clarion run during the second half that gave them the lead for the remainder of the game.

Wade-Chatman, who transferred to Edinboro from Community College of Allegheny County, finalized himself as one of Edinboro’s all-time greats. He now ranks ninth in overall scoring for a career with only 79 games. Wade-Chatman, also known as “Bukha,” will be remembered for his quickness and ability to score from anywhere on the court.

Mike Lantinen is a Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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