Men's Basketball Drops Contest in Final Seconds

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Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 at 10:45 PM
Men's Basketball Drops Contest in Final Seconds by Mike Lantinen
Henri Wade-Chatman scored a career high 32 points, but Seton Hill took the win in the final seconds.

On a night where the Fighting Scots never seemed to find their offensive rhythm, Henri Wade-Chatman willed his team to a tie game with only 14.9 seconds left. The triumph would be short lived, though, as Seton Hill would score with one second left, taking the win.

The men’s basketball team hosted the Seton Hill Griffins Saturday at McComb Fieldhouse with the chance to move into second place overall in the PSAC West.

Finding themselves in close games time after time, with their last three being decided by a total of seven points, the team wasn’t surprised to see this one go down to the wire.

After scoring a game winner at the buzzer two years ago at McComb, Kameron Taylor had the ball in his hands once again to prove he could score in the clutch. But senior guard Henri Wade-Chatman wanted otherwise, assuming the responsibility of guarding him.

“I thought Bukha (Henri Wade Chatman) played tremendous defense” said Cleary, adding, “I think the only thing we could have done differently was what went in the 39 minutes before then.”

Adjusting to the defensive intensity of Seton Hill, Wade-Chatman scored 32 points, tying a career high for himself on Senior night for his final regular season game in Edinboro.

“We expected them to come in and play really hard because their backs are against the wall. For them to make the conference tournament they needed to win and so we knew we would have to take their best punch today.”

Seton Hill gave Edinboro everything they had and made it into the PSAC tournament.

To avoid a hot start from guards Henri Wade-Chatman and Jaymon Mason, the Griffins played quick, closing out well on shooters.

Noticing Seton Hill was also hedging hard on Edinboro’s pick and roll to avoid shots from three, Cleary made an adjustment to slip the screener (avoid the defender rather than set the screen and roll right to the basket).

“That was done to try and give our guys more of a head start, try to take the guy that was hedging out of the play. This way when they would jump to the ball, we could get more of a driving angle,” Cleary said.

Also enjoying senior night was Tommy Scales, who was able to give Edinboro an early lead, scoring 6 tough points on the front line with a plethora of post moves.

Other players on the Edinboro squad had less successful nights in the paint against the Griffins, most importantly because of Spencer Casson. Ranking third overall among all division 2 players before he recorded eight blocks against the Scots, Casson was wreaking havoc in the paint, blocking shots and affecting even more.

With making the effort to alter many shots, though, it left opportunities for weakside offensive rebounding and Edinboro had a huge advantage in second chance points. They would score 19 of them to only 6 for Seton Hill.

“I think they got in our head a little bit with the blocked shots,” said Cleary.

“You have to pump fake, challenge him, get to the free throw line,” Cleary said of playing against someone like Casson.

To negate a shot blocker, you always want to attack their bodies, force them to be unbalanced.

Noah Davis gave Edinboro trouble once again, after recording a career high in points the last meeting this season with 33.

Mike Lantinen is a Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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