Metals club receives $7K for trip, EUSGA task force submits findings

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Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 at 5:18 PM

President Craig Rodgers III opened the Monday meeting with a joke before continuing on to more serious matters of business.

Faculty supervisor Eric Sheppard announced that the EUSGA Task Force submitted their findings to the provost and to university President Dr. H. Fred Walker; deliberations by the aforementioned parties will determine a possible overhaul of the EUSGA constitution and proceedings.

Edinboro seniors Chandler McGraw and Courtney Powell then gave two presentations on behalf of the EU Metals Club. The first petitioned for $678 from EUSGA to pay the appearance and hotel fees for metalsmith Don Friedlich, who served a term as president of the National Society of Goldsmiths. As a visiting artist, Friedlich will give a presentation and converse with fine arts majors, or any student who is interested, about the business aspect of the metalsmithing profession. Congress approved the full total for Friedlich’s visit.

The Metals Club also presented the budget for their trip to a conference in the jewelry and metalsmithing industry, hosted by the Society of North American Metalsmiths. This year, the conference takes place in Portland, Oregon towards the back end of May. Opportunities to network, get portfolio reviews, and partake in a “Trunk Show” — a sale of a compilation of work by the Metals Club — are among the experiences awaiting the 10 students going. Three students received full scholarships sponsoring their travels. Discussion of the proposal led to raised concerns about spending cap violations, but eventually the club was approved for $7,246 to help cover the costs of the trip. Metals club has been fundraising by selling work and organizing bake sales. 

Dr. Joe Conti, assistant professor with the criminal justice department at Edinboro, and coach to the university mock trial team, presented receipts from the Mock Trial Competition in Columbus, Ohio that took place in early February. This year, Edinboro’s team received honorable mentions for prominent performances by attorneys and witnesses. 

The EUSGA Finance Committee could not approve the mock trial budget on time. Conti, who firmly believes in the importance of mock trial for his students, put the costs of the trip on his credit card. The coach did everything he could to lower costs despite an ice storm trapping the team in Cleveland for an extra night; the EUSGA congress approved a full reimbursement of $1,524.38 for Conti.

 EUP seniors Lindsey Wingard and Jennifer Cousins, of Psych Club, requested funding for their trip to The Midwestern Psychology Convention in early April. The two students are accompanying Dr. Michael Skelly of the psychology department to the convention to present research they’ve done on campus. The presentation could possibly mean national exposure for Edinboro and the opportunity for Wingard and Cousins to network with professionals. EUSGA could not fully fund the trip, as the spending cap for lodging was met and policy restricts congress from approving funding for toll payments; the two students were awarded $588.66 of the $962.70 they requested. 

Representatives of PSECU also gave a short talk at the meeting. PSECU intern Craig Osmon described PSECU as solely online and said the credit union is hiring interns on campus for Fall 2018. To apply, visit Osmon also talked other benefits of the service.

Hunter Klobucar, a freshman, was sworn into EUSGA congress after the PSECU presentation. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:18 p.m.

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