Metals galore adorn the walls of Bates Gallery

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Friday, September 20th, 2019 at 11:17 AM
Metals galore adorn the walls of Bates Gallery by Ben McCullough
Allyson Chessey's 2019 piece 'Light the Way.' | Photo: Ben McCullough

Edinboro University’s Metals Club showcased their creations this week in Bates Gallery, a show that ran from Sept. 9-14.

As stated in the gallery’s artist statement, “copper, brass, nickel, and silver are just a few of the materials you may think of for our line of work,” but “everything from plastics to plexiglass can be incorporated into a piece to make it special.”

The gallery showcased jewelry of all kinds, along with small intricate rings from artists such as Allyson Chessey, Vicki Branagan, Narissa Kennedy, Kattie Jones and Eric Meyer. The gallery also featured necklaces utilizing materials such as plexiglass, bronze, leather and topaz, plus different bowls and boxes.

The artist statement further read: “We are jewelers, sculptors, inventors, artists; we are metalsmiths. We join as a community to discuss ideas and gain new inspiration...We joined together so that you could join us too.”

Artist Vicki Branagan had a display arranged of four separate pieces that all utilized oxidized copper. One piece, titled “Stay Safe,” was made out of electric cord and oxidized copper, resembling a respiratory mask. Another, titled “Nurse Shannon, Nurse Jackie,” appeared to resemble two straps attached to each other made entirely of oxidized copper.

Bates Gallery is located in Loveland Hall and showcases club and solo artist exhibits all semester long.

Additional Photos:

Allyson Chessey's 2019 piece 'Light the Way.' | Photo: Ben McCulloughEric Meyer's 'Burden.' | Photo: Ben McCulloughKattie Jones' 2019 piece 'Polyp.' | Photo: Ben McCulloughAllyson Chessey's piece 'Crowned.' | Photo: Ben McCullough

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