Middle school students send ‘Lancer Grams’ for Valentine’s Day

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Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 at 8:00 PM

Students at James W. Parker Middle School sent “Lancer Grams” the week of Feb. 14 to share love and to support the Life Skills program.

The Lancer Grams were on sale in the school cafeteria during lunch time. Students in the Life Skills classes sold them, sorted through the messages, packaged the messages with special treats, organized them by home room, and then delivered them at the end of each day.

This year, the messages were attached to packages of M&Ms.The students have sold as many as 900 in one day, said Zachary Lucas, autistic support teacher at the middle school.

“It’s really successful, and it’s teaching these kids so many different skills,” he said.

The first day of the sale, which was Feb. 11, the group sold around 290, he added. He expected that number to double Feb. 12 and again Feb. 13.

“It makes the kids feel really special,” he said. “Everyone gets really into it.”

All of the proceeds from the Lancer Grams are donated back into the middle school’s Life Skills program.

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