Mural symbolizes combination of campus media branches

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Thursday, September 10th, 2015 at 1:02 PM
Mural symbolizes combination of campus media branches by Ciara Smith
The new mural located outside the campus media office and WFSE Fighting Scots Radio Station serves as a symbol of the combination of campus media branches. | Photo by Tracy Geibel

“Hi·er·o·glyph·ic” is an enigmatic or incomprehensible symbol or writing. When thinking of the word “hieroglyphic,” someone’s mind might jump straight to Egyptian culture and characters that have no meaning.

Art designer, Todd Scalise looks at hieroglyphics differently; he looks at them in a modern perspective. Developing concepts that relate to a client’s requests is his job. Scalise gets an idea, and his mind does the rest.

Over the summer, while students were working multiple jobs to save money towards college, soaking in the sun at the beach or sitting at home wishing they were back on campus, Scalise designed the mural currently located on the first floor of Compton Hall, outside of the campus media office and the WFSE Fighting Scots radio station.

The mural is meant to symbolize the combining of all campus media organizations; the newspaper, television station and radio station. For that reasoning, Scalise incorporated all of Edinboro’s Campus Media into the mural and portrayed a glimpse of each industry in his piece. The mural features a newsroom, radio booth and a television crew with cameras.

The local Erie native spent four months creating this project after being contacted by a faculty member of the Journalism and Public Relations Department, who saw his work displayed at the Erie Art Museum.

“The process took about 4 months,” Scalise said, “with client reviews and the design to work on the branding.”

Scalise, who is currently running his business Higherglyphics in Erie, has worked on projects for many businesses and schools, including Mercyhurst Prep, the Erie Skate Park and the Erie Art Museum.

“It all starts in the mind. Then, it goes to getting all of your ideas on paper. Once that is done, the process of installation works more like a large sticker,” Scalise said.

Along with doing various projects for schools and businesses, Scalise designed the Dennis Hopper Lifetime Achievement Award in Independent Film in 2009 and is also known for establishing regional brands such as “Let’s Move Outside!,” “Erie P()P,” and “The Perry 200 Commemoration."

Ciara Smith is a staff writer for The Spectator.

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